what do you think about long distance relationships?

i have been in a long distance relationship for about 9months now...he lives in LA and i live in ontario...like ive known him for 5 yrs previoulsy b4 we started dating but weve never seen eachother face to face...but we write letters ive seen him on cam on messenger...we love eachother with all heart and can trust eachother too....hes also saving money to come see me in january......my meaning for this question is basically what do YOU think about long distance relationships?


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well the thing is the reason im being so patient about all this is because his mom is in the hospital sick with differnt cancers and just had to get her foot taken off.....i respect that he wants to stay home cus hes scared to leave right now cus hes dont know whats gonna happen next with his mom.....but i love him with all my heart and i trust him.

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    I am currently in a relationship with a Marine and we are always apart. We are great when we are together but we both love each other and are talking about marriage, we're planning the wedding.

    Being in a long distance relationship is one of the most rewarding relationships you could be in. You learn to appreciate the little things such as holding hands, talking face to face, etc. Distance is only as great as you make it and time is only a concept you make important. Long distance relationships aren't complicated, it's the people in them that make them complicated.

    This isn't my first long distance relationship but it is my last and I can say that I haven't regretted any of them. I have learned a lot about myself and I am still friends with all of my exes. I wish you luck. Here's a website that might help you out.


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    Long distance relationships only work when one of the people is planning to move to where the other one lives eventually. My boyfriend and I have been dating since the end of May, and we now go to school in different states. Since we'll get to see each other on breaks and I know I'm going to move back there when I graduate school (it's where my family is anyway), I have faith that it will work. If I was set on staying here and he were set on staying there, I don't think I would have put the effort in thus far.

    As long as two people are dedicated to each other, though, and willing to figure all that stuff out, I think they can work out great.

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    I think that long distance relationships work if the distance shouldn't matter to feelings between each other are so strong.

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