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Why did exploration happen?

Why did exploration happen in the Renaissance?

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    Do u mean in the 1400s, the 15th century?

    Becuse Portugal and Spain and England and Netherlands and France went exploring in the 1400s because the wanted spices (and porcelain, silk and tea) and were looking for a sea route to Asia. They couldn't use the overland trade route anymore because the Ottoman Turks (Muslims) had taken over Constantinople, the "Doorway to the East" and the Muslims closed the overland trade routes.

    Hope this helps!

    ps. Portugal was the first country to set sail

    pss.They wanted spices because spices were in high demand and they could get wealthy.

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    Kay was pretty much right, although it was because the ottomans, genoans, and venicians were getting huge profits trading to england, spain, portugal, france, and all the other west or north european countries and they didn't want to pay the high tariffs anymore.

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    exploration occurred when European nations wanted to discover a easy path to trade with india and china for silk and spices

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    بسبب وجود كوكب ما بين المريخ والمشتري مما ادي الي حدوث انجار

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    It's the age old-- What is over there?, How does it work?, Why does it

    work?, Nothing more than the natural curiosity of the human mind.

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    They were looking for "more", more food, more resources, more places for their people, etc...

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