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ILL TRADE SOMETHING FOR A DITTO in pokemon platinum/diamond/pearl?

just ask what pokemon not to strong! my name is neil and my friend code is 1848 7546 3179 please i need a shaymin!! heres my list ill trade blaziken lv 55 machamp lv 48 tropius lv 28 unown lv 30 castform lv 26 shaymin lv 30 kecleon lv 35 snorlax lv 17 ( im training him now so the level will change) burmy lv 12 magneton lv 41 spinda lv 15 chatot lv 30 sudowoodo lv 31 so if you wanna trade gimme your name and friend code...


go on right now!!!!

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    name: brian


    ill trade you my lvl 34 ditto for your shaymin.ill be on the rest of the night and tommorow

  • bryson
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    there are particular regulations for daycare centre in pokemon additionally: a million. no longer extra healthy for mythical pokemons (you cant breed mythical pokemons) 2. no toddler pokemons are allowed (if a pokemon has 3 or 2 tiers: first evolve to the main it could, then breeding is permitted) 3. mature pokemon with ditto supplies u egg so which you have issue with the 2nd case, attempt doing that.(evolve ur munchlax to snorlax, then breed with ditto - do this for any pokemons)

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