what is your favourite childhood memory?

everyone has a favorite even if they didn't have favorable childhood....my favorites i think were watching cartoons while on my lil rocking horse bugging my mom for snacks :) lol

<theres lots more but not enough room or time to write them ll lol>

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    1 decade ago
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    there are so many!!! the first that popped into my head was when my dad took me to the zoo. my brother was just born and i never got any time alone with him anymore but he took me to the zoo for a whole day and i sat on his shoulders and it was awesome cause it was just him and me.

    another one is riding on bikes with my brother down to the giant walnut tree because we weren't supposed to because our mom said it was to far but we did anyway and it was our little secret.

    and going to the zwibel garten that my granny owned and running around in jets of water with my cousiins and brother.

    and baking with my granny.

    and helping my mom clean the house with my toy vaccuum

    and sitting on my rocking elephant

    and so many more. i love those memories.

  • 1 decade ago

    Going to Florida.

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