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Is it possible to be really strong without being so buffed up?

I've been competing with...I guess you could say a rival in lifting weights.We're about the same age(age 20). I'm 154lb and 5'8"tall,he is 197lb and 6'0"tall.

I'm trying to out lift him for 7 months now.He is able to out bench,out deadlift,out squat and even out military press me.I'm getting close to his deadlift and squats,but I'm so far in benching.For me I started my max bench at 175lb and now I just barely tap 225lb.I'm not sure where my rival started at but I know wasn't less than 260lb and now he is at 330lb.Hes telling me the reason why I'm not in his level because I'm small and very light weight.I want to prove to him that I can beat him without looking buff up like him before the next summer

Is there a routine I could do that can make me stronger without making me buffed up?

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    Your first problem is competing against someone else instead of being your own competition. Yes you can be very strong without being "buffed up", and as a matter of fact I've seen plenty of guys that are huge but really aren't that strong (because they're taking steroids).

    Everyone's body is different and he started at a different time with a different regimen, most likely has a completely different diet than you. You don't know what he does so why are you trying to compare yourself to him? You work up to higher weights through discipline and daily training, not by trying to kill yourself in the gym trying to be someone else.

    But...sadly I know this wasn't what you wanted to hear. Yes you can be strong and be small. A lot of it is mental, honestly. But yes, he's bigger, has more muscle, so he has the potential to lift more. As I said earlier, you'd have to work up to lifting heavier - it doesn't happen just because you want it to.

    I say knock of the rivalry and just do your own thing, man.

    Source(s): I'm a bodybuilder.
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    definite i'm 6'2 and that i only WEIGH sixteen-0 kilos and that i'm BEMNCHING 245 AND CURLING one hundred thirty five, I have not any MUSCULAR progression TO ME WHICH SUCKS, yet howdy IM VERY sturdy. I additionally DUMBELL PRESS THE 105S for 2 REPS, AND SHRUG THE 120S. I DEADLIFT around 335. SO definite it is amazingly achievable i'm LIKE THAT, yet with any luck ill FILL OUT AND GET EVEN greater suitable THAN BE BENCHING plenty LIKE 450 LOL

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