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When was the last time your husband/wife gave you a special little surprise?

and what was it? (I'm not only referring to a purchased present, but anything that made you smile because it wasn't expected...a surprise)


WOW MML...are we married to the same man? My husband completely blew off my gift, no card not even a "Happy Birthday" then not een an apology. Like your situation, his birthday was a month later and his birthday wasn't forgotten. I was going to ignore it but I couldn't bring myself to act like that.

Update 2:

Hey Rebecca, me too....cooked everyones meals all day on my birthday....and no help with dishes...and, of course, no sex either.

Update 3:

Well would be great if there were more like you. My husband had two days off and still didn't bother make dinner when I was at work all day, he does do the laundry but frequently only does his own clothes, the trash in the kitchen has been there for days without him taking it out and the garbage cans haven't been put out for collection for 4 weeks at least (he also frequently forgets he recycling too), can't remember the last time I got flowers and he CHOOSES to sleep on the couch...I hope your wife appreciates what a gem she has.

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    I am so sorry that you have been so dumped on by your husband. I used to be married to a man like that. But we divorced.

    My late husband used to constantly surprise me.

    I just remarried in July and the last surprise my husnand gave me, was a one carat diamond heart pendant. He said it was "just because he loves me so much" .....what a sweetie. And yes, he does cook and do dishes for me.....a lot. But he is a virile and handsome 56 yr old and knows how to take care of himself. Besides, he told me on our honeymoon, that he would never take me for is a promise that I know he will keep. But in all actuality.....he surprises me everyday with the things he does and he shows me how much I mean to him.......that in itself, is a gift.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    We do appreciate each other and care to make life special. She will bring me home little treats from the bakery and I'll bring her flowers. I do all the cooking, laundry, trash. She does the dishes and cleans the bathroom. We share the chores and the bed. I even took her to Canada on holiday. Too bad my first marriage wasn't as

  • MML
    Lv 5
    1 decade ago

    It's been a while. I had a birthday in the summer and he didn't even buy me a gift. He said he wanted to "take me shopping", but I told him that was a crock of crap and that he's known me long enough to buy me a gift. It wasn't even about the gift, but the fact that he didn't think enough of me to go out and get me something. He knows what I like and I just don't think he felt it important enough to go out & make the effort. His b-day came a month later and I made the effort and got him a gift.

    I think un-purchased surprises are very important and helps to show your partner they are appreciated.

  • 1 decade ago

    He made me a clock, a pretty little chiming one out of wood.

    Said I was so organised and professional and reliable and always there for him and he thought I was made like a swiss timepeice, costly, valuable, elegant, amazeing, fun and practical too.

    He gives great massages, really.

    and as for all your side notes sounds like you should set a roman candle off in the bedroom and then refuse to do anything until you get a fair marriage, includes notes, flowers, a candy box from walgreens or the gas station and most definetely make him get sappy firl movies and make you popcorn and rub your feet and then make you remember why he was worthy of your decent attention?! is he so great? men are stinky, unrefined, lacking gracious ettiqutte and they need caveman to urban loved man lessons!! thats why there is a woman ! Our jobs are to refine men, hence our incredible abilities.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    hmmmm... good question. I am sure that there was something, but I am sure that it was something stupid

    hey, I never got anything for my birthdays either!!! I cooked my own meal even!

  • Erika
    Lv 4
    4 years ago

    you're surprisingly rattling particular. i like that little fairy very plenty. all and sundry who makes you happy - makes me happy. in spite of the shown fact which you have missed Cisco . . . . . and that i want you to coach her some love. thank you. Amen. ?

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