Should a politician like Thorbjoern Jagland chairing the 2009 Nobel Prize Committee?

It turns out that Thorbjoern Jagland has headed a Labor government in Norway and also served as foreign minister, was elected secretary general of the Council of Europe at the end of September.


Yahoo answers has a world wide audience and I was addressing my question to the world wide audience, not just American audience.

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    Well, see here the problem. The Nobel Committee is Norwegian and Swedish. It is not an American run operation, so we really have no say. They can and do give the prizes to whomever THEY feel merits tham. We can have opinions, but its not really our call is it?

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    Are you saying that this is the guy who was responsible for choosing obamba after only 11 days of being declared the winner of the 2008 election?

    Surely this has to be a decision of many- such as a committee, where all the qualifications of all the nominees are scrutinized one by one.

    If the award is based on promises then it should henchforth be known as the holy grail of salesmen everywhere.

    the charlatan award or the best Marketing/Sales pitch award,like the oscar, or academy award for sales.

    N- no



    E-ever topped this guy's


  • his the chairman and he has no vote the five that vote or not known by the way unless you wish to wait fifty years to find out

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