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What Control Is Exerted On The US Economy?

What Control Is Exerted On The United States Economy?

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    The federal government touches anyhting in the private sector and it gets ruined.

    Look up Banks and the CRA.

    Same with health care being private then having Medicare/Medicaid, now maybe this new public option to cripple it even more.

    The same reason UPS and FEDEX can't mail letters because of the US Federal Post Office.

    When the government touches that industry, they cripple it.

    "Innocent" is uneducated. I said look up the CRA, only an ignorant fascist will rant about banks failing with out knowing the consequences our government has subjected to us. Think about the industry's that are free, they have zero restrictions, I really want to live debate most these socialists that don't understand economics.

    I read what that innocent said. There are no facts there, just opinions. The other funny thing is it talks about the DOW. As if that credits them to knowing what is happening, I can name several stocks and just rant about them but if I don't know why they are going up/down then really I'm ignorant. Again all opinions.

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    So far nothing has been done to create new industries or new jobs.

    Funding the failing companies that were the driving forces for the down swing in the economy and to see them take the money and run is not a good direction toward building a stable economy.

    Certainly Obama did not create this mess..however the pledges he made during the campaign about restoring the economy he has back down on and gone the other direction.

    He was elected on those pledges with hopes to see some improvement in new industries and jobs and that would be the top priorities. That has changed. The priorities have been shifted.

    This is not saying that he isn't doing some work in other areas. However the main issues of the campaign was to get the US back on track economically. So far the Focus has not been on the most vital issues. It has been elsewhere.

    We are already in the last quarter and nothing has been done to start moving the US out of the red during the first 3 quarters. Even though economist say there is hope for recover as yet there has been none.

    The DOW has increased but that is because the investors have made all they can make on the down side and now they are returning for the up side profits. That has nothing to do with any thing Obama has contributed. The DOW would have increased with or without him.

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