Ridicilous and Stupid. Do you agree?

Do you think those 'teacup' or those made-up names that BYB's make are stupid? Who doesn't? It is ridicilous, I mean especially those chihuhua's, They are small already and under 3 pounds is just ridicilous to have, right?


Snickers: Haha, Exactly!

Update 2:

Beaa: I am not talking about mixed breeds

Update 3:

@ Do you want to know a secret - I have heard about that person and I know - SICKENING!

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    Ditto! Had it with BYB!

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    It sickens me that people think "teacup" is a legible type of dog. So does the "designer dogs". Why pay all that money to buy a dog, when you could go to a shelter and find the exact same thing. Then instead of buying from an obvious BYB, you could be saving a dog's life. If you are so determined to have a small chihuahua, then you should look into the shelters/rescues because more than likely, they'll have them. That goes the same for the mutts too.

    Anyway, that's just my opinion. Also, labradoodles do not have to be bred for service dog needs. There are many breeds that can be used as those. Plus, I have hardly seen a service dog that was in fact a labradoodle.

  • OH! Finnaly someone inteligent in the damn world! Can you believe there is actually a "Top Contributer" in Y!A (in the Dogs Section) who proudly claims she breeds designer dogs? SICKENING.

    I absolutley throw up when I hear about this idiotic teacups. I don't really understand how people can pay so much money to help BYB's grow famous and sell their ridiculous stuffed animals. Plus, people go on the pet stores to buy a "teacup" without even knowing a bit about a dog; if they did, they'd knew there ain't nothing as such... Just another stupid BYB crappy invention from their greedy a$ses!

  • itsme
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    1 decade ago

    I dont understand why people would pay so much money for a dog that does less than a stuffed dog. These things that are less than 3 lbs fully grown-not meant to be. why would you want to have a dog smaller than your fist? and the people that get them, ok strollers and backpacks were not made for dogs to travel in. Thinking its cool to fit a dog in your pocket, what is the point? I never understood the reason. And granted there is no such thing as teacup breeds, but I noticed that like 15 years ago, dogs that people named teacup breeds were still over 5 pounds. now teacups are less than 5 pounds. I seen one full grown yorkshire terrier that was only 2 and a half pounds. What the he77 do you do with that?

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Yes - Those two words are the perfect words to use in this term. Ridicilous for those BYB's breeding them like that and Stupid for their weigh and size.

  • 1 decade ago

    I agree. A former friend of mine had a "teacup" Yorkie that was so tiny they couldn't even give him the necessary vaccines and flea preventatives because the vet said he couldn't handle them. The poor little guy couldn't even go in the grass because he would get sick. A dog that can't go in the grass isn't a dog.

  • 1 decade ago

    Not only that but I can't figure out why people want to own them.

    All of the ones I have seen are the saddest most nervous looking little things. Like they are constantly shaking & curled up in one spot. The normal sized versions of the breeds do NOT act like that.

    I've seen more active guinea pigs.

    I don't like to pass judgement on other people's personal opinions on dogs because we are all different but... man, it baffles me.

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    Absolutely, even more ridiculous and stupid is that clueless buyers fall for the con and pay big money for sickly runts.

    If you want a dog under 3 pounds, get a guinea pig, they're cute and naturally smaller.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Totally agree with you on the teacup front, but on one certain mixed breed, no..

    Labradoodles. They are being bred as seeing dogs, hearing dogs, search & rescue, depression dogs..they have made an extremely versatile mix.

    Pomchis and Morkies that were bred for no apparent reason? Yeah, that's stupid.

    I'm actually talking about the fact you said 'stupid names'. I'm merely pointing out that the Labradoodle is recognized and deserves a name, unlike the silly designer dogs.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Agree with you there, someone wants something extra small as in "teacup" there are already pets like that, they are called Hamsters, mouse etc.

  • 88=88
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    1 decade ago


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