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Can I access the Hopewell Rocks after the park is closed for the season?

I am travelling to New Brunswick in the next couple of weeks, and am hoping to visit the Hopewell Rocks... but have recently discovered that it is closed for the season now. Can you still access the site after it is closed??

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    Yes, you can access the Hopewell Rocks in New Brunswick after it has closed for the season. The Hopewell Rocks used to be accessible and free any time of the year to everyone when I was little and still is in the off season(no-one will advertise it though). The only thing that won't be available is the gift shop, cafeteria and washrooms. Take note too, that YOU ARE AT YOUR OWN RISK when you visit here in the off season or after-hours. On my website I have listed a link to obtain the tide schedule...check it out...the tides change twice a day and they are never at the same time... but they are predictable.

    Enjoy your stay and come back soon...

    Hope this helps

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    What part of closed don't you get?

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