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what's the best small business ideas ?

what's the best small business ideas ?

tell me ur opinion plz thnx

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    any business having to do with food is the best in Egypt .

    Egyptians like to have snacks at all times and in all places .

    such a business is sure to succeed here .

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    Sounds like you have the property, what you should do is get a few pipe corrals, fence off some pasture land and do some horse boarding. As for the minature horse business, it can be tough. There isn't alot of demand right now for the mini's, at least not in CA, and there is alot that goes into breeding, taking care of a pregnant mare, foaling, etc., so your costs would be high and your benefits would be low.

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    hey everybody

    the thing about food is sure to be a success is almost right, but never pick an idea based on this.If you know nothing about food and restaurant business, it's unlikely for you to succeed in it.Look for something you are good at.Ice cream is a good idea,but it's hard to start a business selling only one item in Egypt.Only if you have the price tags of Baskin Robbins AND if people are willing to pay you, a new brand that nobody heard of before the same prices they pay at baskin robbins (and all this set aside, never start selling ice cream in winter :P).Keep on talking people cause we really need this discussion in Egypt.I have been trying to start my own business for long,but I can say that my business mentality needs some other place than here :).......

    Source(s): My obsession with business and entrepreneurship :)
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    A small restaurant/sandwhich shop or cafeteria that sells like soda and juice and chips and stuff cuz ppl always need that and you'll always have customers

    Source(s): @ Marwa: Only a evil person would thumbs down ICE CREAM...i mean its ICE CREAM!!! i gave u a thumb up :D
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    Plastic consumer products.

  • Samy
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    TEATCHING,,,,and to give private lessons,for students either on thir home or you can rent wide place as senter for giving private lessons

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    i have to agree with caesar. anything to do with food. as long as it's fresh and tastes good people will always eat there. simply because people gotta eat!

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    anything connected to the food industry .. people will always get hungry , and they will never stop to eat.

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    EDIT: what wrong with my ice-cream business?? :(

    @ESD: thanx man... u can have a thumbs UP :D

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