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can i pack in a small hockey bag and take it on the airplane?

I have a small hocky bag its at the most 3 feet long. I will be flying with Delta in the contental US.

This is my first fllight ever, so Im trying to learn.

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    Check with the Delta Airlines website. I'm pretty sure that no airline will allow you to take that big of a bag onboard as a carry-on. Its hard enough sometimes to get a garment bag onboard. I would consider a checked bag and a smaller day pack for a carry-on.

    Read this:

    When they say 45 inches, they mean for example, a bag that is 12" deep and 18" wide, it can only be 15" long. If its wider on one side, then another side needs to be shorter. If its skinnier on another side, then it can be wider or longer on one of the other sides.

    Some recommendations for your carry on:

    Something to read, to deal with boredom in the airport and/or distraction on the airplane

    Extra socks, underwear, etc

    Extra t-shirt

    Any medications that you may require (eg asthma inhaler) - If you are diabetic and require needles on board, this may require specific arrangements... talk with the airline.

    Alcohol gel - you'll be touching a lot of grimy surfaces

    Some snacks, as airline snacks tend to be small and meals don't always taste good

    Deodorant, for everyone's sake

    Beware of taking liquids on board. Its not that you can't... there is just a limit for the total volume. Also, anything that could potential be explosive or sharp isn't allowed on. Explodibles could be something like hair mousse or spray deodorant, and sharps include nail clippers.

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    you won't be able to deliver lighters, needles, knives or the different pointed gadgets that would desire to be used as weapon.. you could deliver toothpaste, shampoo, razor, lotion on your carry-on besides the incontrovertible fact that it would slot in a pint Ziploc bag. in case you like something to drink and produce on the aircraft you will desire to purchase it after dealing with protection. so a approaches as liquid products on your checked bags you could advance to you could deliver your ipod charger telephone and jacket on your shop on bag additionally. in simple terms tell them you have them on your bag. Have a advantageous holiday.

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