what do you think about interracial dating?

myself being an italian/white woman i like black men...i get frowned upon a lot from some family members and other people too..but i don't care....

but the real point im here is because i was searching for new books to get and i came across this book called "Why black men love white women" so i read the description on the book and it raised some questions and different feelings bout it.....it was just talking about how some people think that the reason the interracial relationships involving black men and white women and black women and white men is that back in the slave days the white women wasn't happy with theyre husbands so went to the slaves<the black man> and same with the white man he wasn't happy with his wife so he went to black women ........... i was just wondering what you thought about that theoryy and what is your own personal opinion about the whole interracial black man-white women dating thing....

**and PLEASE no mean stuff**


you guys have lots of good opinions and u guys have also helped me see a lot of different ways to look at at also ... i have a boyfriend and yes he is black...ive been with him for 9 months and a couple days..and he is the most amazing boyfriend ive ever had he is the most amazing in every way possible....and no i dont let ppl get to me .. like im the only white person i kno <other then my mom&a few of my friends> that take offence to the "N" word i HATE that word with a passion and id be the first one to stand up and defend someone if they were called that

but yea thanks alot guys for opinions and everything its gonna be real hard to pick a best answer :)


Update 2:

and to answer Roy....

i dont have a specific reason why i like black men...i just happend to more attracted to them and them more attracted to me then white guys are attracted to me.....i dunno its hard to explain....

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    I know how you feel I'm a black woman and I like white men and I really don't care what people think about that. And I really don't have a problem with interracial dating but I think some people might. Me personally, I don't believe that interracial dating has anything to do with slavery but that is a good point thought. In general most people decide to be with whom ever they want regardless of race or color or what others think. Just date you who you want and don't let other people bug you about it.

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    That book is full of sh*t.

    Seriously. Who the f*ck wrote that? Wow.

    There is no reason that you happen to be attracted to a certain type of person. There is no explainable reason why a fat man, for example would be attracted to a midget, or why a woman would be attracted to another woman, it's just who the person happens to be attracted to.

    What the slaves and the owners of the slaves did is NOT something that is adaptive for evolution. It doesn't have any bearing on why a white person would be attracted to a black person.

    Are you sure that the book was citing that as a REASON for the attraction of these couples today? Or was it just discussing what happened back then with the slaves/ slave owners?

    If it is claiming this to be a reason for interracial dating, then the person who wrote that book has their head up their a** and is coming off as an ignorant racist.

    I find black guys attractive. I have never dated one, but I would like to. I also can be attracted to white men. What's the reason for me, a white woman, being attracted to a white man? Would that be 'the way it's supposed to be'? No. We are all the same species and thus are attracted to the other members of the same species. Gender and race are irrelevant. Everyone has their preferences.

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    If you rather like a individual, colour or nationality will not get in the way in which. But the once more, interracial courting could also be a concern because of the loved ones individuals. Some loved ones individuals would possibly criticize to your alternative of courting. My view: My view does not subject, interracial courting must be regarded through the folks within the courting, now not the onseers.

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    I only date 1 race...the "human race". Doesn't matter the skin color or ethnicity of a couple, as long as they care about each other.

    No, I do not think in today's world that whites and blacks dating has anything to do with what occured when there was slavery in the US.

    The last few guys I've gone out with have been black. My lover is black. None of that is by design, but it just happens that the men I've been interested in recently, who have been interested in me, have been black.

    I date people I'm attracted to and who I like for who they are. Content of character is more important than the color of the wrapping. ☺♥☻

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    It really doesn't matter to me. It's just whatever makes the people happy right? So what does it matter? As for the theory. Maybe that's what happened then but that's not what's happening now. People just like to form ridicualous expanations for things that they oppose. Personally I probably wouldn't take part in an interracial relationship because of my religion. It just wouldn't work out because my religion is so different from most religions follwed in the U.S., but if a black man makes you happy then he makes you happy. Nobody else has the right to say anything to you about it. To each his/her own!

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    Me being mixed (white mother and black father) i used to think that all interratial couples ended up divorcing/braking up eventually.

    But i have come to meet many interratial couples still dating. I personally love black men as well, i don't know why... but my opinion on this subject, color doesn't matter, nor does looks. People fall in love, and you can't help but fall in love with, who you love. I think there is nothing wrong with interratial couples, but there are so many people that are against this. I don't know why, i guess because they think they are leaving their race, but they don't know how that person feels deep inside... As long as the ralationship is sincere, i don't understand what the problem is... some people just want a reason to be mad, and are racist, and hate white people because of the past, which makes them hate interratial couples. My grandfather hated interratial couples, and didn't talk to my mother for a year! Because of the fact she married the love of her life. But he feels that he was righ, because of the fact that my mother and father broke up. They haven't talked since the divorce(4 years).

    Interesting question!

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    I don't agree with it but I have a good reason as of why

    I am a "product" of interracial dating and by no means do I like it. It really sucks to be called a mixed breed freak and have people not know whether or not I'm black or white. Although, I am white, I look, act, dress white its just that people can tell Im mixed with something. It has made my life a tad more difficult. I am now adopted by my aunt and uncle( my wonderful mom and dad) and have been since I was a baby and they are both white and so therefore I call myself white. It has always bothered me though.

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    To be truthful, I haven't even thought anything of it until you mentioned it XD

    Anyways, being happy isn't about the colour of anybody's skin. Personally, the look of darker men is more appealing to me (and I'm Asian) but if I like a guy who just happens to be white then I like him. It doesn't matter as long as you and your boyfriend are happy together.

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    Any link to slavery is ridiculous. There isn't anyone around to know how that would influence relationships nowadays. I'm completely for interracial dating. It's the person that you are dating not their entire race. As long as they're a good person, it doesn't matter if they're purple to me.

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    I'm really hoping this won't sound mean, so don't take it wrong. I'm from the south, so there isn't a WHOLE lot of interracial dating. I don't really prefer it. I just feel kinda bad for the kids y'all would have, they would be talked about a lot, and people may wonder where their from or their ethnicity or whatever. I particularly don't like it very much because I'm afraid that if everyone decides to date interracially, everyone in the world will just be mixed between a bunch of crap. Which would be weird. I think that you should honestly meet the guy your considering before you think about his race.

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