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question about puppies. and calling the pound.?

OK so i walk by some house every day to school and this guy has breed his two dogs. He has about 10 puppies and all the dogs live out side. the dogs go into this big dog house thing (shed with a doggy door). no idea what it is like inside. But i do know that the puppies haven't had any shots, and that they are full of parasites. also the owner or you could call him a back yard breed is not going to do a thing about it. My question is should i call the pound AKA OSPCA?? I know that these puppies will be going to a different home (he has a sign out front saying pure breed puppies for sale). The puppies are about 10 weeks old and it gets to about - 5C at night. So should i call the OSPCA and just tell them about this guy or not? Are the puppies in any harm? i have no idea if he is going to breed them again.:S

Any way if you know any thing about breeding and puppies in the weather please give me your two sense.


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  • di
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    You can't possibly know that the pups haven't had any vaccinations if it is just a house you walk by. You also don't know if the dog house is heated. I;m not sure how you would know that the pups are full of parasites. Go ahead and call if you want but you better be making a valid report.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    For someone who was online 5 months ago, asking total strangers what could be wrong with my dog, thinking it was a bladder infection, you really have NO business going on about someone else. How do you know that they haven't been started on their vaccinations and are full of parasites? Lots of dogs are raised in kennels. As long as they have food, water and shelter, there is nothing that animal control will do.

    At the end of this question, did you mean give me your TWO CENTS?

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    I would call an animal welfare officer or something like that just to check out the dogs if he is mistreating him they will be taken off him and re-homed. good for you for being concerned about what most people just turn a blind eye to

  • 1 decade ago

    When in doubt, make the call. It can't hurt to have the dogs checked by a cruelty investigator.

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