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Google street view. Are you for or against ?


invasion of privacy as far as I am concerned not mind going around and googling other people lol...Contradiction ? yes it is..

Update 2:

yeah but what about people googling your property and take advantage of it whilst you are on holiday ??

Update 3:

may I remind you that toronto voted against cameras installed in shopping malls and areas of high activity ? Eaton Square etc ?

So what is the difference ?

Update 4:

privacy is important to me sorry. I shudder at the thought of people googling inside my home. What is it Big Brother ?

Update 5:

re: buying and moving. People make improvements to their properties all the time.

Nope I saw faces !

Why couldn't people have been been asked in advance and been given the choice of either having their properties blurred or not ?

Update 6:

Jim B ; you have always had a very skewed view and your character was always disliked as well as your lack of knowledge outside Canada !

Update 7:

Laro : it is part of google maps is not eating any memory. You just drag the little fellow..

Update 8:

Question of choice. Same thing with my email, phone number etc.

Update 10:

Oxo. I know the army can magnify a grain of sand a thousand times or more but they do not publish on the internet. Your sister's example is totally different also.

It is not STREET VIEW when I can magnify on my second storey which I would be unable to do from the street.

Street view has not been in Canada for very long but am wondering about shark contractors, builders etc. How come since it is in place I have already received in my letter box some leaflet from some dude claiming that the chimneys etc need to be repaired ??? Either someone had the cheek to come inside my property or simply used Street View. I guess the latest since my roof is not exactly viewable from the naked eye outside.

What about elderly people who could easily be conned by those ?

Update 11:

Z: Think again of all the possibilities.

And any major corporation loaded with money will always use poor excuses to get out of any dilemnas.

Laro : call it Snoopy lol :-)

Would like StevenN's input..He is a sensible guy.

Update 12:

edit : i received a mail pointing the good and the bad. The good obviously everyone knows but the bad..

If someone has a grudge against you and locates where you live, they could easily come and destroy or make damage to your property.

So am staying in the middle..

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  • Laro
    Lv 5
    1 decade ago
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    mix emotions on the issue

    I wanted to use to visit a town I wanted to visit again but could not get the regular map[street names,intersections]to get the view I wanted

    Are the streets dirty,buildings ugly,what are some of the stores like,architect.

    It what Google street view gives me that other maps do not

    BRB.OK back--I am going to read the other answers real fast...

    I go ogled my house and saw my car,then I went to street view and almost zoomed to my front door.....that was wired and upsetting in a way on your comment about being asked first.

    Then the other thing was I was going to visit my house that I once lived in and it was gone and the five other house on that street was gone also.

    It saved me 300 mile trip

    So there is the mixed emotions on it

    also I took it out of computer and only put it back in when needed because it eats to much memory for me


    yes ,perfect

    I tried it !!!!!!

    thanks perfect I need to name the little man:-}


    Snoopy is a perfect name

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I have heard the stated concern about potential burglars being able to check out your place before attempting a break-in. However, it would be no different from a potential burglar riding a city bus down your street to accomplish the same thing.

    Anyone using Google street view could not tell whether you own a large and protective dog so I have no worries there.

    Privacy is very important to me, too but I have yet to see anything displayed on Google street view that an owner wouldn't want me to see. I can tell that the picture used to show my house was taken before we did any serious gardening.

    So what?

    You asked, "...Why couldn't people have been been asked in advance and been given the choice of either having their properties blurred or not ?"

    Do you have any idea how much money and time that would take? Suppose one person wanted to have their property blurred while another one living at the same address did not? It would be far too complicated and take up far too much time.

  • 1 decade ago

    This question is why technophobes bother me.

    What's the problem with being able to see a street view? It's no different than if you happened to be walking down the street yourself.

    Is it an invasion of privacy when a person walks in front of your house? How about if they take a picture of it? Is that still an invasion of your privacy? All they can see is the outside and that's a moment that's frozen in time until the next time the googlemobile drives by.

    They can't google inside your house, that is unless they've developed X-ray cameras in the past couple of months.

    And this idea that they can google your property when you're on vacation, what's to prevent them from driving by when you're not there? I'm sure hundreds of people have driven by your home when you haven't been there and you haven't been robbed yet. So why would street view make any difference?

  • oxo_07
    Lv 6
    1 decade ago

    Cameras used to be just a simple tool to everyone, but over the years camera was used to many different task for building security, street security (stop lights taking peoples tags/name plates for people that doesn't know how to stop). GPS had so many used and forms. In fact, if you never know, the military uses a satellite camera that can scan over a specific area and so many feet below (no specific measurement). In other words, it can scan your house and actually know what you are doing. Example are the drones that uses to scan the terrorist hidings and drop a bomb to blow the target while the suspect is inside.

    Cameras had been used for quite sometimes now, some are very sophisticated (intelligent services) and other forms are used for commercial and private businesses. Yes, they can actually see what we are doing (privacy?) if they suspect something very unusual or suspect any illegal activities within...

    My sister's security system is even better. It can scan around the yard and record the activities (24 hr. tape recorder) with sensors. Anything that moves, animals, people etc. you can see it on the tapes...

    I don't have any problems with cameras, however there are some stories where a hidden camera smaller than a watch being used to invade privacy's, (ie; put in a rest room, even in school by a school teacher?), and other illegal activities from people with dirty minds (illegal pornography?)... Of course read all this from the local news...

  • 1 decade ago

    For. You could argue that security cameras are an invasion of privacy, but really, unless you're hiding something, what's the big deal? The same goes for Google Street View.

    I've been waiting *years* for it to finally come to Canada.

    EDIT:: "yeah but what about people googling your property and take advantage of it whilst you are on holiday"

    Well, what's the difference if they walk down the street, see it and take advantage of it? Googling an address does not take you directly to a photo of that property. You have to drag the button onto the street near the arrow, so its not overly accurate in that sense. It's for helping people find their bearing when they actually drive to the place they're looking for. It's also good for people buying real estate from a distance and virtual tourists...

  • 1 decade ago

    For. Great tool if you have to look for a business in an unknown area kilometres from home and in built up traffic. Makes for less stress in locating that business and avoiding getting lost! Google has helped me on more than one occasion. If something is out in the street it is hardly an invasion of privacy unless you have some dude following you around with a camera trying to take inappropriate photos.

    Edit: Regarding outside security cameras - I am all in favour of them. Just about anything that can help make life safer for honest citizens has my approval. Not only do they deter criminal behaviour they are great to identify those that do the criminal assaults we hear too much about lately, and have them incarcerated for their cowardly behaviour. The fact that I also end up being filmed along with other innocent people going about our daily business does not bother me in the least. I am all in favour of more of these cameras being used.

  • I think it's a great tool. If you live in a major city and ever step outside your front door, you have to expect that people might see you, and that you might be caught on film. People can see your house for themselves if they drive by it, so no different if they look at in on the internet.

    People just need to stop whining about "privacy". Google's done all they can to blur faces and license plates. If people want privacy they should move out of the city.

  • Jim B
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago

    Are you all ways this hysterical ?

    Lets get this straight........

    The street views are DONE ONCE. They don't keep on doing new views every week. So no one can see that your car isn't at home.

    Secondly, where did you get the silly idea that malls and public buildings in the city of Toronto don't have security cameras.? And that includes the Eaton CENTRE< not the Eaton Square. You obviously don't live in Toronto, do you ?

    Jim b. Toronto.

  • lezah
    Lv 6
    1 decade ago

    It's not just every street, but the rooftop of every building or house is accessible by satellite. Fair's fair. If you google other people, they're probably googling you too.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I think it's a pretty cool thing to have out there...only certain people will use it for the wrong reasons! Welcome to the 21st century, pretty soon they will be able to see inside your house...and every other one around the world!

    I think it's a great new system...

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