Could you vote on my Favorites List?

I added some new names!

Tell me what you think and perhaps what I could add:

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    1 decade ago
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    Abram: 9/10 I love the overall feel of this name, its traditional without being dated, clearly masculine, and fairly hard to shorten. I think you've got a winner here.

    Auden: 9/10 This name is on my personal favorites list, I love the English feel of the name, along with its meaning and traditional charm. It seems slightly more childish than I usually like, but its becoming enough for me to use. (My combination is Auden Russell)

    August: 5/10 I've never personally cared for the name, even as that of a month :p simply because the sound is so unappealing to me. However, I like that its an unusual classic, so I can't say I hate it.

    Beau: 6/10 This is a very nice French boy's name, and I think it looks gorgeous on paper, but I just don't like the sound of it in reality, it seems a little incomplete, and I don't find it all that professional, personally.

    Beauregard (Beau): 6/10 This name is gorgeous on paper, as is the above name, and I do like the sound of it more so than Beau on its own (which seems to have less substance) but I do find it slightly pretentious. I might use it as a middle name.

    Bennett: 9/10 One of my favorite boys names (well middle names) I think its a lovely, classic, alternative to Benjamin, which has never really appealed to me personally (probably because I've known so many throughout my life) Abram Bennett is lovely, but I won't gush until I reach it :)

    Cameron: 7/10 This name is cute, its more modern than trendy or traditional, which is a good thing. It might be out of place amidst Edmund, Whitney, and Rosamund, but that's alright.

    Cash: 7/10 I actually really like this one, my first association is Johny Cash, so I imagine a child with a very distinct personality (not sure if that's good or bad-) in any case I like the idea of the name, but because there are just as many "cheesy" associations, you may want to use it as a middle name)

    Drake: 4/10 This one isn't a personal favorite, I just don't like the sound of names ending in "ake" whether it be Drake, Blake or Jake, I personally find them better for book characters.

    Edmund: 8/10 I like this alternative to Edward, I find it to be very handsome and masculine, without being harsh or overbearing. I personally don't care for the nick names Ed or Eddie, but either way the name is very nice.

    Eli: 8/10 I love this name, its very masculine and its popularity (for some reason) pales in comparison to Elijah (which I have as a middle name on my own list) so overall I'd certainly use it.

    Elias: 8/10 Another underused classic, I love names like these, they just make my day because they stand out so much against the childish names that are so common for boys right now. It sounds very Greek, which I can also appreciate.

    Finley: 8/10 One of my personal favorites for boys, I happen to love Celtic names, and this is one I've fallen in love with, its got a lot of charm and potential.

    Harper: 5/10 I've never cared for this name for either gender, but do prefer it on a boy hands down. Occupational names just aren't for me personally, I like Archer somewhat, but that's about it.

    Heath: 8/10 This name is actually very cute, its got a modern feel to it without being trendy or popular, and I actually really like the sound of it with a Celtic middle name. Heath Tristan or Heath Ronan would be cute.

    Henry: 8/10 A very charming traditional name. I really like this as a first or middle name, and would be over-the-moon if I met a young child with it.

    Jude: 9/10 This name is on my own list, as a million different things actually, I find it very masculine and becoming, and I love that its so bold when compared to popular biblical names beginning with "J" like John, James, and Jacob. (I personally like Jude Lachlan and Jude Gabriel)

    Julian: 8/10 I really like this name, its traditional without being dated, and a softer name without seeming feminine. I personally love it with the nick name Jule or Jules.

    Lachlan: 9/10 Like I've mentioned before, I love Celtic names and this is no exception, I find it to be a very interesting choice.

    Lee: 6/10 I really like this one for a boy,but prefer many of your other choices, as this one seems to pale in comparison in terms of style.

    Max: 5/10 I prefer this as a nickname for something a little longer, as Max by itself seems too much like a pet name for me. Maximilian is very handsome, in my opinion.

    Rhys: 9/10 One of my favorites, very handsome and becoming, kudos for the use of the traditional Welsh spelling.

    Riordan: 9/10 I love this one too, and prefer it to Riordan any day, I find it more fluid and striking.

    Sulley: 1/10 I don't personally like the sound of this name, and feel its more childish than I personally like.

    Sullivan: 4/10 Its masculine and becoming but I don't personally like the sound of the name, I do, however, think of someone very musically inclined, for what it's worth.

    Tristan: 8/10 This name is on my own favorites list, I really like it even though its more modern and mainstream than some of the other Celtic choices out there. (I have Tristan Henry/Avery on my list)

    Whitney: 9/10 Very masculine and appealing for a boy, the nick name Whit is also gorgeous and striking, I think you could get away with this for a boy as a nick name for Whitton (although I'd love to see it on its own, I don't know if it'd be the best idea considering people would constantly tell him he had a girls name :( )

    Whitton (Whitton or Whitney) 10/10 I love this name and have it on my extended boys list as Whitten Ezra (which I just happen to like the sound of, despite not being in love with Ezra) the nick name Whitney just makes it 1000x better, I never thought of it before :)

    Wyatt: 5/10 I don't love it, don't hate it, its just one of those names that has never really stood out for me personally.

    Abram Bennett: 10/10 This name is very masculine and becoming, I love the fluidity and overall rhythm of it. I could go on forever, I think its one of the most wonderfully traditional combinations ever to grace y!a alongside Noelle's possible "Dean Aubrey"

    Edmund Hernando: 5/10 I don't love the middle name, nor do I personally care for the way it sounds with Edmund, but I don't hate it or anything.

    Rosamund Adeline: 8/10 A lovely traditional name, Rosemund is far too underused, I love vintage names like this one for girls, and actually think this is close to the top of my list of favorite "rose" names. Adeline is one of my personal favorites as well, and overall, though the name is long, I think its very complete and complimenting.

    Wren Charlotte: 7/10 I love Wren, even though it seems fairly masculine for a girl I find it very appealing, and Charlotte makes a great middle name since its softer, traditional, and timeless.

    Kerensa Joy: 1/10 This name is just too frilly for me personally, I normally love Joy, as a middle name especially, but I think the idea of it sends Kerensa even further over the top for me. Maybe I just need to warm up to it.

    Kerensa (Wren): 1/10 I prefer Wren on its own, Kerensa just seems pretentious to me personally, and I know that sounds terribly harsh. Once I warm up to it I'm sure I won't feel that way.

    Lydia Charlotte: 9/10 I adore this combination, it flows very well and Lydia is one of my personal favorites (I have it paired with Joy on my list) but I find Charlotte to be just as complimenting.

    Charlotte Gwendolen: 7/10 This name flows very well but I find it to be very long, and perhaps not as rhythmic as I'd like.

    Matilda Blythe: 7/10 I really like Matilda, and think Blythe is an interesting, vintage sort of choice, I also love the idea of Matilda Adeline (if the 'a's didn't run together :))


    Boys: Callum, Ciaran, Aubrey, Avery, Rowan, Elliott, Graham, Grant, Kelly, Lucian, Judah and Dean

    Girls: Felice, Aurelia, Beatrice, Camille/Camilla, Audrey, Helena, Iris, Ada, Isadora, Lisette,Vera, Verity, and Vivienne (I love 'v' names :p)

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    1 decade ago

    On yours, I think that these were the problems for me:

    August - Too feminine

    Beauregard - Sounds like bureaucrat..

    Harper - I've only ever heard of this as a girls name, and I don't think it suits a boy.

    Jude - Too much of a nickname

    Julian - Sounds like Julianne, a girls name

    Rordan - Too made up

    Whitney - Too feminine

    Rosamund - The -MUND is too masculine

    Wren - The name of a school near me...

    Matilda - Not my style..

    The rest of the names weren't TOO bad, maybe a little spelling/gender tweaking but they're good.

    Take the time to vote on mine?

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    1 decade ago

    I like -


    Abram >> I don't know what I like about this, but it sounds adorable.

    Auden >> only when pronounced OW-den, OW as in Cow.

    Bennett >> I prefer this to the common Benjamin, it kind of reminds me of Noah Bennet from Heroes.

    Drake >> I love this, one of my favourites

    Eli >> Another of my favourites. I like this as a nickname for Elias.

    Elias >> I prefer this to the common Elijah. It's adorable with the nickname Eli.

    Heath >> I love this as a nickname for Heathen, but I'd be more likely to use it as a name in it's own right because of the outcry that Heathen might cause.

    Whitton >> I don't know what I like about this, but it sounds adorable.

    Abram Bennett >> Sweet combo.


    Rosamund Adeline >> While Rosamund is one of my least favourite Rose names, I think it sounds cute with Adeline.

    Kerensa >> I love both Kerensa and Wren, so this is a keeper in my eyes.

    Matilda Blythe >> While I dislike Blythe, I LOVE Matilda.

    I'm not good with suggestions, but perhaps:

    Jonas, Ezra, Jasper, Alexander, Caleb, Carter, Asher, Hudson, Aaron, Ethan, Adam, Abel

    Amelia, Ava, Anna, Lila, Elsie, Audrey, Elsa, Isabel, Claire, Alice, Johanna, Adelaide, Madeleine, Sophie, Eva, Annabelle, Cecelia, Ada

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    1 decade ago

    I love it!

    Of course I adore all your girls names, they are beautiful-- except I don't love either Matilda or Blythe.

    For the boys, I don't hate any, and I especially love Heath, and Julian! Heath is a name I am actually thinking of adding to my list maybe as a middle name, for two reasons. One, because I just love the sound, and two, because I love Heath Ledger SO much, and I was hysterical when he died:( Julian is amazing and is already on my listr in a combo of Henry Julian:)

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  • I voted : ) are the one I like:

    - Abram

    - Henry

    - Max

    - Abram Bennett

    - Lydia Charlotte

    - Matilda

    - Adeline

    I'm really not crazy about:

    - Beauregard

    - Rordan

    - Sulley

    - Whitney (I could never imagine calling a boy this...i've only known girls with the name)

    - Kerensa


    Source(s): Here's mine, mind voting on it?
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    I voted!

    I thumbed up:











    Sullivan (Sully)


    Abram Bennett

    Rosamund Adeline

    Wren Charlotte

    Kerensa - (Wren)

    Lydia Charlotte

    Charlotte Gwendolen

    Matilda Blythe


  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    My favorites: Finley, Henry, Rhys, Wyatt, Max, Matilda & Charlotte

    I would steer away from Sully since it means to make dirty.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    The bad ones are:

    Abram ~ Just horrible

    August ~ It's a month

    Beauregard ~ Manky

    Cash - Money

    Drake - A male duck

    Sulley ~ Surname

    Sullivan ~ Surname

    Whitton ~ Surname

    Edmund Hernando ~ Just horrible

    Wren ~ It's a type of bird

  • 4 years ago

    i will only positioned mine right here isabella makenzie leah alexis paige riley chelseia emma lynn scarlett cory seanna ryder boys: caden matthew jason alexander liam jasper shane christian michael joseph tyler o and that i voted

  • 1 decade ago

    sorry but i really don't like your taste in names and by the looks of the stats neither do most, Whitney for a boy is just awful and i would feel so sorry for him. Finley is gorgeous for a boy and Max is nice to but the rest not so good. i don't like any of your girls name, but the last 3 aren't terrible

  • 1 decade ago


    i liked Jude, Bennett & Heath are also ok for me

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