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Iran ---- did the war the US clearly wants get a little closer?

TEHRAN (Reuters) - The head of Iran's Revolutionary Guards on Monday vowed to "retaliate" against the United States and Britain after accusing them of backing the perpetrators of a suicide bombing that killed six Guards commanders.

An Iranian general accused Pakistan, Britain and the United States of aiding Sunni rebels behind the suicide attack near the Pakistani border that counted seven military commanders among the 42 dead.

Britain, like the United States, denied the allegations that it aided the rebels. "We reject in the strongest terms any assertion that this attack has anything to do with Britain," a Foreign Office spokeswoman said in London.

"We are ready to cooperate with the Islamic Republic of Iran to counter these threats," he added.

Medvedev said the attack quivered him with "indignation" and condemned "this new evildoing by extremists".

The Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) has vowed to give a severe response to the Pishin attack that killed 42 people, including commanders and tribal figures.

“The murder of Nour-Ali Shoushtari, Rajab-Ali Mohammadzadeh, and Bluch tribal leaders, whose blood represents the unity between Shia and Sunni in Iran, will not be left unanswered,” commander of the IRGC ground force General Mohammad Pakpour said on Saturday.


Are the UK and US behind the terror attacks ?

Does it matter if they are or are not?

If anything happens in the US or the UK Iran will now be blamed --- the justifications for the US to attack

Will Iran be responsible or won't they for the "anything" that happens in the US or the UK and will that matter any more than whether or not the US and or UK are behind the terror attack in Iran ?

Are we closer to the war with Iran that the US clearly wants ?


Call me Bwana

Maybe he could channel Prescott Bush and start funding them instead

The US appeased and funded the Nazis for how many years ? You have no right to speak --- appeaser ? Ha -- you were giving them aid Ford IBM your presidents father ---

How many British soldiers did US corporate greed kill just to make a buck by supporting Hitler ?

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    That day creeps closer and closer.

    I wonder if the (chicken)hawks that LOVE the idea of going to war with someone that possibly has nuclear weaponry (especially since they ARE backed by someone that does) has given this much thought.

    My guess would be NOT, because if they did, they would realize that every time we decide to start invading and killing, every time we bully, every time we forget that the lives of those people are just as important to their loved ones as OUR loved ones are to us, we create a situation where, like a battered spouse that eventually strikes back, they have NOTHING to lose by REALLY inflicting some grave harm upon US. They may fully realize that they can't completely destroy us, but that won't matter, they WILL figure out a way to end the abuse, or at least strike a blow for their side. They haven't figured out "blow back" and why we end up with people willing to commit suicide to inflict SOME vengeance upon their abusers.

    When the Bible said "Blessed are the meek, for THEY shall inherit the earth, he was NOT referring to America. You would think the "Christian" crowd would have figured that out.

    Call me Bwana:

    You need to read a different history book, Prescott Bush, among other things DID indeed fund Hitler, to the point of being threatened with charges of treason before he stopped - it's WHERE the "Bush family fortune" came from, money laundering for the Nazi's. Not only that, but he, and some of his corporate buddies actually attempted a coup d`etat against the White House and failed. They regrouped and decided to do it by subverting this country from within.

    Both Eisenhower and Kennedy tried to warn us about this, Kennedy was murdered 10 days after he made a speech to us about it.


    I have NEVER figured out WHY we refuse to hold accountable crooks and liars in our "government", by not doing so, we allow them to run free, reproduce and then their spawn gets elected and the treason goes on....

    So much for the "liberal" media, if it was LIBERAL this story would have been front page news, not locked away in a vault for 50 years.

    BTW - ya'll don't forget that we "lost" a nuke a couple of years ago when a plane went from Minot ND AFB to LA with a full payload of 6 nukes and only landed with 5.


    Wonder HOW that happened? Wonder WHERE the missing nuke went??

    Set up for another false flag operation?

  • Anonymous
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    You feel you were forced to believe in God, well obviously it didn't work because you don't seem to now. Why do you think it would work with anyone else once they grow up, unless there was something in it? You are right about humans destroying themselves and the world with wars. We seem to fight over anything - religion, resources, territory, even just plain pride and stubbornness. How did we get like this? No other animal does it. Surely any such destructive tendencies should have got evolved out? And why do people hate Jewish people so much? Why are they always the scapegoat? The Bible provides an explanation of the way things are: people with huge potential for good, creativity, love ... and yet also flawed, self deceiving, selfish, arrogant. It talks about how God has got involved in this world, not preventing all evil but putting himself in the middle of the mess, getting his hands dirty, taking on the foulness of the world as the ultimate scapegoat who destroys evil by submitting and not fighting back. For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him John 3: 17

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    We are getting close. the only thing is public approval of another expensive LONG war. So in comes the false flag attack (nuke detonated on US soil, we blame Iran). that will ensure public approval.

    We are nation building the middle east...and its not going to stop until all our opponents are eliminated. Next on the list, Iran and Pakistan.

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    I called this years ago, when I realized that we had Iran surrounded. Iraq on the western front and Afghanistan of the eastern front. It certainly seems the the US wants to extend some BIG STICK pressure on Iran.

    Source(s): This is the test of the new millenium (sp?)...are the big powers in the world going to allow smaller states to become nuclear powers? I would think that Russia, India, and China would not like another player at the table...Only time can tell.
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  • Anonymous
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    I'm sure Obama will find a way to appease and assuage Iran. Perhaps he will channel the spirit of Neville Chamberlain, who did so much for world peace.


    For someone who appears knowledgeable, you're quite an idiot.

    Prescott Bush didn't fund the nazis. If you bothered to inform yourself of what actually happened, then the truth would disabuse you of such a notion.

    Why don't you channel a fùcking clue?

  • Anonymous
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    sure - dont forget the usa prefers to starve the people of food and medicines first by way of "sanctions"

    are the people oif iran hungry? are they dying of things a little medicine would fix? - - the answers are not yet, once they are the usa will go killing them

    Source(s): its what the usa does
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    No. We're going to start listening to people like you, who would like to see Iran build a nuclear missile and take out millions of innocent "infidels," and slowly kill millions more in the ensuing nuclear winter.

    Is that seriously what you want to hear? Because I can't think of anything else to follow your logic with.

  • Anonymous
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    I look forward to the air strikes. It will be interesting how our cruise missiles and JDAMs fair against all those Russian AAA systems.

  • Anonymous
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    Not with Cut and Run Barry in office--NO

  • Anonymous
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    I laughed when those paramilitary terrorists got blown back to hell.

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