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"If Utley gets on you are going to see Jonathan Broxton?"?

Buck Martinez......are you on crack? Closer or not, they aren't going to take out the lefty to bring in a righty.


Howard vs. lefties .207

Howard vs. righties .320

Pure of the worst games I have ever heard called. Harry K must be turning in his grave.

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    Okay sorry I'm alittle late to this question and even though I know the outcome I will answer anyway..

    Lucky for me I was at the game and didn't have to hear the drivel that was coming from the TBS announcers.Buck Martinez had a whopping record of 100-115 managing in two seasons in the Bigs and nobody has called him back.Believe it or not he was an even worse ball player..VERY rarely do I like any former players in the booth..I DID like Tim McCarver at one point in his career but he has become a cartoon of himself. I believe Whitey Ashburn and Harry the K are rolling in their graves now,not because of the ineptitude of TBS but these announcers make Chris Wheeler look like a Hall of famer..Yikes.

    Of course you don't pull Sherrill and bring in a fastball pitcher to face Ryan Howard(A notorious dead fast ball hitter)..Howards achilles heel is the low breaking ball from a lefty and this did him in.

    Lets win it for Harry!!!

    PS.I got your email,did you get mine?It was having trouble going through.

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