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My canada multiple visitor visa validity ends 10th March 09.Is this last date for entry or exit from canada?

Presently I am in canada with 6 months visa stamp ending 10th February09. I am holding US visitor visa. Can I reenter canada from US before 10th March and how long I can stay in Canada after 10th March?

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    Your question is confusing but the expiratory date of a visa is last day you can enter Canada. It's not the last day you have to leave Canada.

    So if I have a visa, that expires on May 5, 2009, I have to have entered Canada by May 5, 2009 and stay no longer than 6 months on a Visitor Temporary Visa, in this case that will be November 5, 2009.

    Tuppenyb below is WRONG. The expiratory date on your visa is not the day you have to leave Canada but it is the date you have to enter Canada by. If the expiratory date on a visa is March 10,2010, you can still enter Canada on that day (but you have to leave 6 months if it is a tourist visa)..The 6 months limit is the way the U.S and Canada does it.

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    your question is very confusing, you give 2 expiratory dates

    you must leave canada by the date your canadian visa expires............you can not be in canada after the 10 march if that is the expiratory date

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