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How to treat infected earring?

I had my ears pierced a little over a month ago, and I think my right ear now has an infection. It is not swollen, but there is an orangish goo-like substance on the back of my ear around the hole, and it smells horrible. I've tried wiping it off using the solution my piercer provided, but it does not seem to stop it. The area around the hole is also a bit sore to touch. Is there any way to stop this without taking out my earrings? I am not going to go back to the piercer or to see a doctor.


I can't take it out because I'm not sure it's 100% healed yet. I'm trying to pull the back off but it just will not budge.

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    Take it out and put some hydrogen peroxide on in for a couple days. When you put your earring back in make sure you use neosporin.

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