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whats a good 45 acp gun?

wats a good 1911 gun that's good but not hella expensive do like 4 600 bucks?

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    Springfield Armory mil-spec 1911

    Springfield Armory gi 1911

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    After working in a Gunsmith Shop for a few years, I can tell you the pistols that we saw come through the door the most were the Colt 1911A1. We loved them! They were great money makers for the Gunsmithing Industry.

    The ones that we saw the fewest of were the Springfield's and the Kimber's. If I had to choose a 1911, I would probably have to go with the Kimber. They are really well made, and shoot very well directly from the factory box.

    However, understand that I personally am not a 1911 Pattern Style Pistol lover. I don't like the way they feel or handle. For the .45 ACP Cartridge I prefer the H&K USP .45 ACP. I love the .45 ACP Cartridge, just don't like the 1911 Pattern.

    Also, I don't like a pistol that requires special tools to field strip and clean it. This is a throw-back to its original designer. It hasn't been changed for more modern designs for ease of maintenance. The bottom line is the fact that there are just better ways of doing the same job.

    As I said though, these are just some of my opinions and not to be taken as anything more. But again, from experience working in the shop, the Kimbers are by far one of the best choices for the 1911 Pattern gun.

    Good Luck and Happy Shooting!

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    I recently handled a Rock Island Armory 1911 at the range, and fired a few rounds. My first impressions are great, they are made in the phillipines, which surprised me. The fit & finish was great, and it was a nice well balanced shooter.

    Full size 1911's arent really my thing, but this was nice.

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    Springfield 1911s are good, but so are taurus... Not as good, but you get what you pay for... The Kimber 1911s are the best, and the most expensive...

    Forgot to mention, Bersa Firestorm 1911. Not as good as Kimber or Colt, but still pretty good. My bersa Thunder 380 performs extremely well, considering what I payed for it. I assume the Firestorm 1911 will do the same. Link included

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    Springfield armory GI 1911

    IAC Regent(basicly a norico) 1911

    Rock island armory 1911

    All of those are good 1911 pattern handguns. Nothing fancy, but all are sub $600

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    Then you'll want to get a Charles Daly Full Size Field Model EFS.*..Reasonably priced, extremely accurate, has many Extra features that are only found on more Expensive 45 acp's.*.. Great Pistol.*

    Source(s): * Run like a Deer.*.......................Fly like an Eagle.*~~
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    Now for a 1911, a Springfiled Armory GI spec 1911.

    Source(s): me gun owner.
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    I would buy a Rock Island Armory 1911A1 pistol they cost $439.00 at J&G Sales Gunstore. They are pretty good, I own one at home. Here is the link below, if you want to see it. It is a full size 1911 pistol that fires the .45 ACP round and has the 5 inch barrel.

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    Look at a Taurus 945 for about $420. Its not a 1911, but looks kinda like one. It has a DA/SA trigger and a de-cocker safety. All metal frame, wt about 28oz.

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    I'm gonna second Boondock on this. I own a GI spec springer, and it is positively amazing. It will feed any shell (.45 acp of course) that I feed it without a hiccup of any sort. Accurate too...

    Please work WITH your spell check, not against it.

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