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Well, I have a fiend deck and I'm trying to improve it so I can impress my friends and beat them.?

Here is my current deck :

(26) Monsters

2 Breakers Magical Warrior

2 Newdoria

3 Giant Germs

1 Slate Warrior

1 Dark Rules Has Des

1 Snipe Hunter

1 Brain Jacker

2 Wall of Illusions

1 Darkness Neosphere

2 Mystic Tomatoes

1 Gorz

2 Dark Necrofears

1 Spirit Reaper

1 Sangan

1 Night Assailant

1 Mask of darkness

10 ( Spells )

1 Brain Control

1 Swords of Revealing light

1 Heavy Storm


1 Magic Mallet ( Hoping to Replace This card any suggestions ? )

1 Smashing Ground

1 Yami

1 Lightning Vortex

1 Fires of Dooms day


1 Torrential Tribute

1 Draining Shield

1 Bottomless Trap hole

1 Hate Buster

1 Solemn Judgment

1 Divine Wrath

1 Mirror Force

1 Magic Cylinder

1 Threatning Roar

Can someone also rate my deck thanks.

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    here is my opinion but first the rating 8.5 (decent but can be even better)

    monsters: get rid of one dark necrofear. it's good but don't overkill yourself. add 1 more mystic tomato and also get in one more dark ruler ha des or Helpoemer (when it's destroyed by battle your opponent's hand is sealed. they'll just keep discarding cards) get in a armageddon knight and dark grepher if you want to line up for dark necrofear. will help out in the long run for sure, also make sure you add one more newdoria. where is caius??? get him in there man, he's the easiest 2400 remove from play beatstick around T_T get morphing jar in there too. draw power is important!

    remove: Brain jacker, spirit reaper (or side it in to reduce deck limit) slate warrior, one breaker (side it or remove it) mask of darkness (try spear cretin x3 helps bring back monster in face up or face down def position)

    Spells: 2 allure of darkness, 1 more fires of doomsday (get caius's power through it) Pot of avarice (replacement for magical mallet) also get in swords of revealing light and giant trunade, book of moon can save you from a world of hurt too.

    Remove: Yami, Smashing ground, Magical mallet (your welcome :)

    Traps: get in 2 more threatening roars and 3 compulsory evacuation devices (unstoppable and very easy for field control. Dust tornado, and of course the favorable Call of the haunted (very essential for this deck) if you can get in dimensional prison (just remove those pesky monsters from the game, 3 will get you around more often

    Remove: Hate buster, Divine wrath, magic cylinder (or side it your choice) Solemn (side him for dust tornado)

    Deck list: 42

    Monsters: 21

    1 Breakers Magical Warrior

    1 Morphing Jar

    2 Newdoria

    3 Giant Germs

    2 Caius the shadow monarch

    1 Dark Rules Has Des

    1 Snipe Hunter

    1 Dark Grepher

    1 Armageddon Knight

    1 Darkness Neosphere

    3 Mystic Tomatoes

    1 Gorz

    1 Dark Necrofear

    1 Sangan

    1 Night Assailant

    Spells: 11

    2 Allure of darkness

    2 Book of moon

    1 Fires of doomsday

    1 Heavy storm

    1 Lightning vortex

    1 Pot of avarice

    1 MST

    1 Brain control

    1 Giant trunade

    Traps: 10

    3 Threatening roar

    2 or 3 compulsory evacuation device (go for 3 if you want)

    2 Dust tornado (excellent trap, versatile and very easy to break cards)

    2 Bottomless trap hole (very good)

    Side Deck:

    3 Spear cretin

    1 Pot of avarice (might need to reload again for lasting out longer)

    2 dark bribe (can be obtained i think through the next structure deck)

    1 Neo spacian Grandmole (can help in a tight spot. just need some good field control and you're good to go)

    1 Reinforcement of the army (good if you've got more dark warriors)

    2 wall of illusion (i took them out for this case, you'll need them as backup)

    2 Dimensional Prison (if you can, otherwise get sakuretsu armor for this case)

    1 kycoo the ghost destroyer (Don't want anyone giving you any trouble with those synchro cards or something stronger!!!)

    2 Waboku (Backup needed)

    good luck and have fun :)

    Source(s): 6 1/2 years of experience Deck tester
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    This deck is pretty weak everybody is going after the newer cards if i were you i would be looking at the older ones to impress you friends if you need help finding some older ones i would be happy to sell to for cheap so u can pwn your friends

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    1. too much card, keep it at 40

    2. take out useless cards like yami, and such

    3. take out a bunch of monster, you need 2 allure of darkness, more dark ruler ha des, the legendary fiend, etc etc.

    4. more stuff but to lazy to tell ya

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