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Okay, "The Giver" Is a book by Lois something, You may know it, I need to find a version text on the internet or else Im screwed! please respond if you know ANY information, Tiny little sentances. Anything!

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    - they live in a controlled society

    - everything is black and white

    - there is an old man called the giver, he can see colors.

    - he pretty much takes care of everything in the city.

    - one day the main character sees colour in an apple,

    - the giver pretty much teaches the boy everything he needs to know to run the city.

    that's all i really remember. hope it helps.

    ( try google. )

    Source(s): read it in school a couple years ago.
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    lois lowry is the author. look on google, they have a book section that almost always has at least part of the book if not the whole or majority of it. if not, just search for it on google, and you'll probably come up with something.

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