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why does the youth criminal justice act wstablish a difference between young offenders and adult offenders ?

young people, up to certain age, should not be treated as adults. they do not understand their actions in the same way we expect of the adults.when you talk to young people and study their reactions and responses to situtions they are different than adults. they are still in the process of forming their views. also a young person who has committed a crime has a better chance of changing their life than an adult criminal.

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    Yes, that is correct, but nobody told that to the drug dealers who invaded my home once or twice, once when I was only about 17.

    Nor did that deter drug dealers from shooting me 13 times on my third day out on the drug interdiction river patrol with the Game Warden's Service, when I was a 19 year old deputy.

    So, as they are at WAR with you and me, both of us and all the rest of the God fearing USA, perhaps you'd do well to insist on our keeping it real and NOT ENCOURAGING the drug dealer to exploit younger and younger teens and even younger children in order to prevent jail from harming his credibility as the GOVERNMENT in your little part of the world too.

    That is in fact the War. They want to govern you.

    Your insisting that legitimate government cease to exist so that his propaganda can be the only thing you ever hear is simply mind numbingly stupid. Yes, utterly cease to exist. In Maine that has all but happened.

    Those people involved in my being shot are in office now on Federal and State levels at the highest points of office but one.

    Obama was not there just before they shot my brother and I, when GWB shook our hands. But his close personal friend and former secretary of state was; Condalisa Rice was there.

    Still I imagine somewhere there might be a 60 year old DA who was first elected before Reagan the drug lord started "his" "revolution" to "free market" rather than free enterprise economy for the USA (read Communism's system of economy rather than "ours"). So we might not yet have utterly lost the War on Drugs.

    Why do you want us to though?

    Sounds all the world like you are on the other side and wish ardently every other mom's children were addicts.

    Yes, I'm biased towards thinking that what with 5.11 trillion in illicit drug sales in the USA your party of interest is in fact in trouble with drug law. No, you didn't say this. But even for other crimes the motive is too often drugs for a former narcotics interdiction guy not to jump to the occasional erroneous conclusion.

    I hope your party of interest is a litterbug.

    But I doubt it. Sorry. 13 bullets that third day say the drug dealers are serious; they want everyone beholding to them as the new aristocracy ~ or simply full of holes.

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    Criminal Record Search Database :

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