What names do you think are overrated?

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    This is a tough question because I don't think "overrated" means quite the same thing as overused. For example, I hear the names Sophia and Isabella all the time among my students, and while I'm certainly getting tired of them, I think they're lovely names so I don't think they've been "rated" too highly -- I'm not surprised parents picked them.

    For my overrated names, I'm picking ones that are reasonably popular where I just don't see the appeal:

    For girls:

    Natalie/Natalia: Yeah, they're pretty, but holiday names are always a bit awkward, aren't they? I mean, if she was born at Christmastime, then it's not very creative and if she wasn't born at Christmastime, then it seems rather meaningless, doesn't it? Plus, because of their relation to the word "natal" the names make me think too much of childbirth.

    Alexis -- I know a lot of people who find this to be a super-sexy girls' name. But I just don't see the appeal.

    Nicole/Nikki -- For some reason, I still run into a lot of little Nikkis at my school and a friend recently told me that it's #2 on her list of girls' names. I've never liked the name, and I'm surprised so many people are still using it in my area.

    Kaitlyn -- Yeah, it's cute, but Katherine has so much more class.

    For boys:

    Alexander -- Sure, it's handsome, strong, and regal, but I don't think it quite deserves the attention it's getting. This is probably just a personal thing, but I've never seen the appeal of any of the "Alex" names for girls or boys. I have a student named Alex almost every year.

    Jayden -- It surprises me to see a name that is essentially made up ranked at #11. I don't think Jayden would be overrated if it were ranked at #83 or something, since I can see how its sound might appeal to parents, but it doesn't belong in the top 20.

    Connor/Carter/Cooper -- These three blend together into one naming clump for me. I run across them all the time, and I don't really understand, with all the other choices out there, why parents would pick one of these. They strike me as kind of "blah" (but the trendy sort of blah, not the traditional sort of blah that some people might use to describe names like David or Thomas).

    Jackson -- I list this one as overrated since I think it tends to appeal to a wide variety of people right now: trendy namers, traditional namers, and uncommon classic namers. For example, I know of a family with kids named Gwenneth, Francesca, and Jackson. I'd peg them as mostly "uncommon classic" namers. But Jackson could just as easily be sibling to brothers called Logan and Kaden or sisters called Madison and Delaney. It's a cute name, but I'm not quite sure it deserves to be on everybody's list.

    Interesting question! What names do you think are overrated?

  • 1 decade ago

    Ok, I have quite a few that I think are over-rated. I anticipate a lot of TDs for this! I apologise for any offence, but the following are a list of names that I either don't "get", or I'm sick to death of hearing.

    Keep in mind, this is coming from an Irish gal's POV and the majority of these names are very common over here.


    ~ Kate/Katie

    ~ Ava

    ~ Laura

    ~ Ellie/ Ella

    ~ Sarah

    ~ Lucy

    ~ Molly

    ~ Samantha

    ~ Amanda

    ~ Miriam

    ~ Nicola


    ~ Jack

    ~ Paul

    ~ Peter

    ~ Steven

    ~ David

    ~ Kevin

    ~ Oliver


    Source(s): Top baby names in Ireland -- http://www.cso.ie/statistics/top_babies_names.htm
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    4 years ago

    i do no longer understand approximately puffed up as much as over used. It replaced into extremely well-known for a stable jointly as and in some areas, nonetheless is. In a trend i think sorry for instructors and those teenagers who're going to be dealing with Isabella A. Isabella B. Isabella C. etc.. while they get to college with the aid of fact they could have maximum of of their type or college. this is like Aiden, Jaden and different comparable names. there are maximum of youngsters that have an identical call it is not even unique anymore.

  • 1 decade ago

    Rose is definitely overrated.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Isabella!! Im so tired of that name.. Also Elias, Alfie, George, Ellie..

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I'm tired to death of Isabella, Grace, Aidan (and any of its rhyming ilk), and Jackson.

    How did Grace become "the only middle name ever"?

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Rose, Bella, Isabella, Aiden, Logan, Emma, Noah, Marie, Anne, Jonathon, Jacob and so much more.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Isabella and all the -aiden names. I do have a soft spot for Isabella, though.

  • 1 decade ago

    Isabella and Aidan instantly spring to mind.

  • 1 decade ago

    zoey and brayden are used way too much with all of the people I know and they happen to be in the top names I dislike, no offense to anyone who uses them, I just don't like them.

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