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when you press (prt scr) to take a screen shot, where does it save?

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    It save it to the clipboard.

    to see the clipboard follow these steps

    Windows XP’s Clipboard Viewer is now called the “Clipbook Viewer,” and although flawed, it lets you see what’s on your Clipboard. Here’s how to put Windows XP’s Clipbook Viewer onto your Start menu.

    1. Click the Start menu button and open My Computer.

    2. Open your C drive. (It’s listed in the Hard Disk Drives section.)

    3. Double-click on the Windows folder. (You might have to tell it to let you see what’s inside.)

    4. Double-click on the System32 folder. (Again, you might have to tell it to let you see what’s inside.)

    5. Scroll down the page until you locate a file named Clipbrd.

    6. Drag and drop the Clipbrd file onto your Start button.

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    To the clipboard. If you want to save to a file, you will have to paste it into some image manipulation program such as MS Paint or the GIMP.

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    It saves the image to your system clipboard.

    You can open a program say MS Paint and paste the image there and can save it.

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    Cache's clipboard. Then you paste or Ctrl+V into your paint PS, PSP, or Gimp.

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    Mine saves to the clipboard. Then you can paste it wherever you want..

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    it saves wherever u paste it

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