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Isn't the PTC extreme?

Look at their website: They recommend spiderman 3 for those aged 16 and up. I would say those 10 and up. I have nothing against websites that tell you what age is appropriate for shows and movies. But this is completely extreme. They say family guy should only be watched by those 18 and over. I would say 13 and over.


No their just a organization that rates things judging by what age THEY think it's appropriate for. Not

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    They appear to be quite Left-Wing extreme when it comes to what they do, though they claim to be Right-Wing (Left=Liberal, Right=Conservative, and extremists are left).

    On Web Of Trust, the site is ranked in the yellow, which is halfway between Trustworthy and Blatantly Stupid. There are several comments denouncing it, including one claiming that their FTP server hosts child porn. An obvious lie, but quite a few of the other comments make a bit more sense. For example, in petitioning the government to make laws against these shows, they are asking for the First Amendment to be broken.

    In conclusion, they are anti-freedom to the extreme, and are quite untrustworthy and biased, making anything they say quite meaningless.

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  • some people's values are a bit more extreme i guess. And family guy is appropriate for 18+? Where i live it's like 14+, which is how it should be really.

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    hahah I enjoy watching parents over-react to everything. I best check this out.

    edit: okay wow this is ridiculous.

    ANTM gets a red for sexuality. It's a bunch of scrawny, underfed 18 year old beyotches with no guys living in a house. how sexual is that? honestly...

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  • idk

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