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condor trilogy - chinese drama?

1. in ledgen of the condor heroes, how did yang kang die and who killed him?

2. is the heaven sword and dragon saber in any way related to the return of the condor heroes?

3. is the condor from the condor heroes the same one in the return of the condor heroes?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    1. Depends on which drama. In the novel it's based on and the 2003 drama Yang Kang died of snake poison that was on her ruan wei jia (soft stomach armour). The snake poison is from Ouyang Feng. Earlier when Ouyang Feng and Yang Kang were murdering Guo Jing's masters (jiangnanqiguai or jiangnan's 7 weird people) on Taohuadao (peach blossom island). When Guo Jing and Huang Rong got there they had contact with the masters and the poison transferred onto Huang Rong's armour. So, later on in the Tieqiang Temple when Huang Rong and Yang Kang confronted each other, he attacked her, hitting her armour, therefore the poison transferred onto him. He died as a result because Ouyang Feng knew Yang Kang murdered Ouyang Ke and refused to heal him.

    In the 2008 drama, Yang Kang managed to survive the ordeal in Tieqiang Temple and at the very end, Ouyang Feng killed him personally.

    2. Yes...

    The two weapons, Yitianjian (or heaven sword) and Shulongdao (or dragon sabre) were originally from the weapon Xuantiezhongjian (heavy iron sword) which was melted down and reformed. Xuantiezhongjian was Yang Guo's weapon that he found after meeting the condor, both which originally belonged to another martial artist that's now long dead named Dugu Qiubai.

    The military book (wu yu mu shu), 9 yin scripture (jiu yin zhen jing), and 8 dragon palm (xiang long shi ba zhang) was hidden in the two weapons, which if clashed together would reveal these secrets.

    The heaven sword was given to Guo Xiang and the dragon sabre was given to Guo Polu.

    Guo Xiang was the founder of the Emei sect that was featured in this drama/novel.

    3. You mean the two white ones? Yes they are the same.

    Anything else, just ask me. I don't know everything, but a lot and I'll try to help.

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