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Can somebody please help me!!! Pregnant and Boyfriend Troubles!!! I need to know what this girl is saying?


So my boyfriend had to work in Mexico for three months at the beginning of my pregnancy, and I caught him writing love letters to this girl!!1 Now I get this:

lo siento pero jamas estaria con tu novio niestuve solo es un amigo pero yanolo sera no quiero meterme en problemas ni meterlos en problemas lo siento que sean muy felises les deseo lomejor sabes micorreo si en algo te puede ayudar

What does it mean????????????

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    yay, i know Spanish it says:

    sorry,but i will never be with your boyfriend and i never was ,he is just a friend but he is not going to be it anymore,its because i dont want to get in problems or get you two in problems.sorry,i hope you two can be happy,i wish you two the know my email if in something i can help you

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    I'd ask this on the language section of YA. There are a lot of people on there who speak Spanish who would help you.

    I do know French very well, and I can make out a bit of what this is saying... Doesn't sound too good...

    Here's a rough translation from Bable Fish.

    I feel it but never estaria with your fianc2e niestuve is only a friend but yanolo sera I do not want to put in problems nor to put them in I feel it to problems that they are very felises them lomejor desire you know micorreo if in something can help you

    Check with someone who speaks Spanish to fill in the blanks. Sounds like she's playing the whole, "I don't want to make you do something that will make you feel guilty thing..."

    Source(s): If it was French I'd be more help.
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    IT SAYS sorry but ever would be with your boyfriend only niestuve is a friend but will be yanolo I don't want to put me on problems or put them into problems sorry to be very felises lomejor I wish know micorreo if something can help you

    Source(s): here you go hope this helps
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    It isn't in the right section, but I'll try and translate it for you:

    I'm sorry, but I never was, nor am with your fiance. He is just a friend. However I want neither to get into problems nor put you in problems. i hope you are happy and wish you the best. You know my mail if there's something I can help you with.

    Hope this helps.

    Source(s): My own knowledge and a dictionary
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    i used a spanish to english translater and this is what i got ......

    sorry but would never be alone with your boyfriend is a friend niestuve but yanolo will not want to get into trouble or get them into trouble are very sorry that I wish lomejor felis micorreo know if anything can help

    some is still in spanish.

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    She said Im sorry. He is just a friend but I don't want to get in any problems or have any. Im very sorry. I hope you the best and you know my mail if there is something I can help with.

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    It says there's nothing going on, he's just a friend, she doesn't want to make trouble, she hopes you're all happy, and if there's anything else, you can email her back.

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    Go to the languages section and post this. You will get an answer asap.

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    she said she did not think being alone with someone boyfriend would cause so much trouble, and she did not mean to get him in trouble and let her know if there is anything she can do to be of help.

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    calm down..i looked it up..and it means she doesnt wanna be with your fiance

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