What's the worst babysitting experience you've had?

Mine was that I was extremely underpaid, some times they'd chose not to pay me and leave it for the next time as if they couldn't afford $50 for 2 weeks of babysitting every day except for weekends. After sometime they started calling me once in awhile to complain about something stupid like how mouthwash got into the kids toothpaste and basically blaim me for doing it or not watching the kid. The last time I ever babysat for these people was when from my point of view was a great day the kid slept in for 2 hours and we were outside all day at the dollarstore and having fun and they called saying that I obviously don't keep a close eye on their kid because bleach got poured into the laundry soap, something was dumped in the fish tank, her brothers lamp was broken and there was glitter everywhere. I cannot leave the kid for more then 5 minutes without her complaining that we don't play enough and the only ways she coulda done all that stuff was when she went to the bathroom or that 2 hours she was asleep. I was the greatest babysitter to the kids and the parents ticked me off from blaiming me for so much and questhioning my babysitting so I quit. The kids wernt happy what-so-ever, I'll only babysit again if they apologize.

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    Mine I didn't get paid, the mom took of for the better part of 3 days when I was supposed to have been babysitting for 5 hours. The refrigerator was padlocked so I ended up ordering pizza twice out of my own pocket before she popped in to change clothes and I could get the key from her. The morning of the 3rd day I got up and started to make pancakes for the kids (3 of them, all under 5 and I was 16). The kitchen shelf collapsed, all the bowls crashed to the floor, the baby started screaming in the back bedroom, the 3 year old got the dry measuring cup I gave him to play with stuck on his middle finger, and I spent 2 hours trying to get the thing off his finger before the mom came home (to change clothes again before taking off) and she had to cut the thing off his finger. Finally I get the pancakes made and sit down to eat with the kids. All the kids want strawberry syrup, I eat maple. I'm putting the first bite in my mouth i notice out of the corner of my eye that there are about 50 dead ants running down the inside of the maple syrup that I have just set back on the table. Commence hysteria and vomiting on my part, the kids begin smearing their pancakes in each other's hair while I'm trying to pull myself back together in the bathroom. When the mom finally gets home at 3 in the morning the 3rd night she has the drunk guy she just picked up at the bar drive me home. True story, honest to god. Scary thing is I was stupid enough to keep babysitting for the woman.

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    I use to have a day home and had these two little ones. one was 4 the other was just under a year. well the 4 year old didn't listen to anything, he even peed on my floor ( carpet) one time just to be a brat.....at times he could be super sweet!!! but their mom was suppose to pay me 800 dollars a month for both of them, and she never once paid me, at one point she decided that i could watch her kids a week Straight while her and her bf went off somewhere to party, so i had to fix my sons bed so the boy could sleep on it , then my son and the little girl ( she was almost 1, my son was just over 1) slept in my bed and i slept on the floor, for a week...i was not very happy about it but i knew that these people would still drink and **** with their children there and god only knows what would happen, at one point the boy asked me if his mommy still loved him, ( she wouldn't call or even answer when he called) when they finally came to pick them up the little girl was so upset she made herself sick because she didn't want to leave me, her dad started yelling and screaming at her and calling her names, that's when said no way not happening and called child protective services ( who yells at a ten month old) i haven't seen them in a while and still wonder how they are doing! i miss them..even though the boy drove me nuts i totally understand that maybe he had some issues because his parents were too busy drinking and doing drugs!

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    $50 for two weeks? Use them as a reference and make excuses when they ask. That is ridiculous! My worst experience involved 3 rich brats under age 8. They spent the day splitting up and making messes. One would run toward the garage and start throwing action figures at my head while the oldest drew a mural on the dining room wall with lipstick. One climbed to the top of the fridge and started patting himself down with flour. The night was complete with a fort-building movie attempt that ended with a popcorn butter fight (Yes, the greasy topping, squeezed on blankets, clothes, hair...) followed by 2 bedwetting episodes. It paid well, but I never went back.

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    When I was 16 I babysat one of my teachers kids all day on a Saturday. Well, when I arrived that morning they were still asleep and he practically ran out the door (his wife was out of town) he didn't leave a phone #, didn't tell me how many kids he had (turned out to be 3 girls) or their names or even where he would be or when he would be back. and they were brats! I will never forget that day.

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