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Here goes the first try...?

My husband and I have our first top ten names. All comments and ideas welcome. (meaning yes youre allowed to not like them and say so, and also please add some of your own)























please be honest (even harsh if you must aha). thanks to everyone :)

**by the way, the last name will be thomas


oops, I did mean emmett with two t's. that was just a typo.

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    Phoebe: Love it! It's cute, but still pretty and classy.

    Emmy: Like it as a nickname (for Emily, Emma, Emmaline, etc.) but not as a full name...it wouldn't grow up so well.

    Lilly: I prefer the spelling Lily, like the flower...Lilly makes me think of a drug company (Eli Lilly) or a designer of tacky pink-and-green print dresses (Lilly Pulitzer).

    Luna: Sounds like a loony hippie name. I'd prefer Cynthia, Diana, or Selene, all of which also mean moon/moon goddess.

    Violet: Love it! This always makes me think of a quiet, beautiful, smart, artistic, dark-haired girl/woman.

    Gavin: I really like this...I'm told it's considered a lower-class name in the UK, but in the US it has a very classy, charming, British ring.

    Julian: Love it! Classy, uncommon, and very handsome and intelligent-sounding.

    Marshall: I don't like it too much, but I don't hate it. Makes me think of a stout man in uniform with a ton of medals (like a military marshal).

    Preston: I don't really like it...makes me think of a bratty, smart-mouthed, hyperactive suburban kid/teenager...I have trouble imagining a responsible adult Preston.

    Sawyer: Don't like it...it's a last name meaning woodcutter, and just doesn't sound at all attractive, masculine, or charming to me.

    Bevin: Too close to Beavis, as well as "beaver". I don't like this at all.

    Ellie: I love it as a nickname for Elizabeth, Eleanor, etc. but not on its own...too cutesy for when she grows up.

    Daphne: Love it! A gorgeous, uncommon, smart-sounding mythological name.

    Lacey: This sounds like either a stripper, a fluffy little yap-dog, or a nickname. I would NOT recommend it as an official name!

    Peyton: I'm sorry, but if I personally had to choose the ugliest-sounding girl's name in existence, it would be Peyton.

    Emmet: Not horrible, but not great...just not very attractive or masculine. I prefer the spelling Emmett.

    Hayden: I'm not a fan of Ayden-rhyming names, but Hayden does beat Kayden, Brayden, and Jayden...

    Lucas: I love it! Smart, handsome, and charming. Lucas Thomas would be a little singsong-sounding though...

    Seth: I like this...it's both a Biblical name and an Egyptian god, and makes me think of a smart, cute, brooding guy.

    Leo: I like it as a nickname for Leonard or Leonardo, but also on its own.


    Girl: Phoebe Thomas, Violet Thomas, or Daphne Thomas

    Boy: Gavin Thomas, Julian Thomas, Seth Thomas, or Leo Thomas

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    My favorites:













    Ellie Violet Thomas

    Lilly Peyton Thomas

    Preston Lucas Thomas

    Hayden Sawyer Thomas

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    Phoebe. I don't like this because it remind me of a really goofy girl.

    Emmy. I don't like this one at all. Amy sounds much better.

    Lilly. It's okay, I think it's a little old for my taste.

    Luna. reminds me of an alien.

    Violet- This one is the name I like best.

    Gavin- It's not that bad of a name. But I personally wouldn't chose it for my kids.

    Julian- This name doesn't seem to get used that much and I like this one a,lot.

    Marshall- Doesn't sound good for a first name.

    Preston- This is a cute one. I like this best.

    Sawyer- Sorry, no comment.


    Bevin- I think there are a lot of other prettier names out there. I'm sorry. Just my taste.

    Ellie- I don't like this. I'm not too fond of names that start with E either.

    Daphne- I think it's pretty. There is also Daphine.

    Lacey- I like this name the most out of your girl names.

    I think it's a good normal name.

    Peyton- Not my style. Sounds boy-ish.

    Emmet- No

    Hayden. This is the only name I like that ends with D E N. However it's being used way too much.

    Lucas. I am really liking this one.

    Seth- One of my favorite's.

    Leo. Don't like this .

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    I love Emmy, Lily and Lacey for a girl - they're all really pretty and cute. Violet and Luna are okay too, and Ellie is sweet but incredibly overused. I'm not lken on Peyton - it sounds way too masculine for a girl - or Daphne because it sounds very old-fashioned. My least favourite girl's name is Bevin - it looks really ugly, and sounds odd, it doesn't even sound like a name to me.

    For a boy, I like Lucas, Leo and Emmet - all three are very cute. Hayden is way too overused at the moment. Marshall, Julian and Sawyer are okay, but I'm not keen on Preston, Gavin or Seth - they're just names that personally I'm not keen on.


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    From his I like Phoebe, Marshall, and Sawyer.

    Emmy: just sounds too childish. I don't think it would work well on a grown woman.

    Lily: I don't like Lily simply because its so common and I've just never been a fan of flower names

    Luna: is just a word for moon... so I think its kind of silly

    Violet:is just a color. I'm not a fan of color names either.

    Gavin: I don't hate it but I don't love it either

    Julian: I know this is a boy's name but there are a few really girly names that are so similar to this. Like Julianne/Julianna, Julia, Jillian.

    Preston: Just sounds kind of Conceited.

    From yours I like Emmet and Lucas

    Bevin: I don't hate it but it just sounds odd. It could grow on me though. I think the word for beverage in spanish is kind of close to this or something.. idk but I immediately thought of some kind of a drink.

    Ellie: This might be cute on a little girl but I just don't think it would look good on a woman. This would be a cute nickname for a longer name though I think.

    Daphne: Not really a reason for you not to chose the name but I immediately think of scooby doo. One of the girls was named Daphne.

    Lacey: I just really don't like this. Its just lace with a y at the end.

    Peyton: overused imo and I've just never liked the way it sounds.

    Hayden: Idk, just don't personally like the way it sounds.

    Seth: seems boring to me

    Leo: Seems too short. Feels like it should be Leon or Leonard or something.

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    I like the names Lily, Violet, Preston, Peyton and Lucas.

    Here's some of mine:








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    I dnt know bout the name Emmy .. i love the name Emily and Luna reminds me of that crazy chic in Harry Potter and may get looney Luna at school and i havent heard Peyton before but i like the rest and all sound alright with Thomas

  • I love Emmy, Preston, Peyton, Emmett & Hayden.

  • HIS:

    phoebe- no

    emmy- LOVE it

    lilly- I prefer it with one L and as a nickname for Lillian

    luna- no

    violet- no

    gavin- no

    julian- okay

    marshall- no

    preston- no

    sawyer- okay


    bevin- no

    ellie- love it

    daphne- hate it

    lacey- love it

    peyton- love it

    emmett- it's okay, reminds me too much of Twilight

    hayden- okay, common though

    lucas- love it!

    seth- it's okay

    leo- don't like it


    Girls- Elizabeth (Ellie), Ava, Madison, Madelyn, Brylee

    Boys- Samuel, Joseph, William, Brandon, Tyler

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