Need help plz!!?? Feeling like crapp!! very sad.?

I'm feeling veryyy down like I can't accomplish anything. I tried to ask a girl on a date but instead in conversations I blurted out that my mom needs a babysitter for my brother. I said i'll talk to my mom about it and now that's all she's talking about and I can't ask her out on a date now!!! and I have all this school work as well!! and I'm just getting ok marks in everything. There's no time and I can't organize it. I've got no girlfriend to inspire me and keep my spirits up. Everytime I try, I lose. I've lost inspiration for everything. I can't complete anything because I can't do it properly. I can't do it properly because no inspiration. Why should I do it if i can't do it good? This girl really meant a lot, she was different and I totally blew it and all she does is want the job!! I can't do anything straight...just wanted let it out....I suckk at everything. Everyone knows what they want to do and I can't find out, I don't have the inspiration to do well in a job, or even get one!!...I don't know what's going to happen to me.

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    Just because she may babysit your younger brother and is focused on that doesnt mean that she wouldnt be interested in you. Who knows, maybe she keeps bringing it up because SHE'S nervous, and doesnt know what to talk about with you. Dont give up because of that, honestly that's NOTHING. If anything, think of it as an opprotunity, now you get to see her more often, maybe you could babysit with her, if your plans got cancelled :) All I'm saying is dont leave it and think you've got no chance, you asking her to babysit your brother didnt ruin anything. Still ask her out!! Now as for thinking you're no good and all the negative stuff, you're just under a lot of stress and getting down on yourself because of it. Take a few days to reccouperate, do something you like/love, but before you can get a gf, you really need to work on being able to keep your spirits up without a girl. Now you could have depression if this has been going on for a while, the down feelings, and that's worth getting a look at. But if its not clinical depression, or is low self esteem, you need to realize how great you really are, and once you realize that, you'll be more happy and girls will be more drawn to you because of that. As for the job, maybe try to get one that's very small amount of hours, work at mcd's or something where you can tell them you need to focus on your studies during the week, but could work saturdays. Big coorporations who have lots of employees tend to be okay with those who cant work tons of hours. That would help with your marks too, just really study a lot, maybe get a tutour or extra help, take classes you excell in, not always classes you WISH you were good at. For self esteem, try making a list of all the things you enjoy doing and why. Also make a list of things that you are good at, and personality or character traits that are really good. Keep that list with you, so when you're feeling down you can look at it and realize that you ARE good at stuff, instead of hyperfocusing on what you arent. Now if by doing that you think, well maybe i'm not, nobody else seems to think so, here's another idea. I know I use this. Whenever somebody says something really nice, or something that means a lot to me, helps me feel loved/special, I save it in a file and create a list with it. If its something that happened in person, i'll just type it in, if its something nice somebody said online/on msn, then I'll copy and paste it. The point is, whenever i'm feeling down or like nobody loves me/thinks much of me, I can go back to that list, and see that it's not true. Try not to over analyse things. That also will keep you from messing up relationships by being insecure and having to keep asking if they actually think you're good at this, or that they actually want to be your friend/ in a relationship with you. After time you really grow more secure in this, and wont need it as much. But its always there for your low points. The more you realize that you're okay on your own, and that you are lovable and talented, you'll be more happy. Try to focus on the good things and not the bad, easier said than done, but if you can make a habit of it, it can help. Sometimes writing songs or it down on paper can help when you're feeling crappy/upset, or even writing or reading a story, getting to escape into another character or life for a while, or getting to tell people what you're going through without actually saying its you. Things you'd like to be good at but arent, ACTUALLY WORK ON. I know thats a big thing for me, i've always loved guitar but i'm just not that great, I even used to be better before when i had lessons and before i broke my wrists. But all i'm saying is i'll be like "i want to play" and i'll get frusturated when i'm not doing as well as i want to, and then might leave it for a while, constantly wishing and wondering why i cant be like those other people who are mad guitarists. But its because i'm not putting in the time or effort. If I actually worked on it all the time, each day for an hour like i used to, i'd end up improving a lot and my confidence in my guitar playing would keep going up as i realize it is within my grasp as well. But it just seems like too big of a task sometimes so i just leave it. For me, if i have lessons i'm paying for or that my parents were paying for, that's incentive to practice. So by having that, i will keep to it more even when i dont feel like it, over time improve and then enjoy it as i realize the things i want to play is in my capability. This is since my problem is getting started/procrastinating, even things i want to do. So maybe you could do something that like. Also have confidence with girls. I know its hard, but if you start talking to more of them and becoming friends, or maybe wink or flirt more, you'll become much more confident. See I'm confident in that I could get a guy, where my lack of confidence is evident is in the fact they'll

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    Take a deep breath. I think you need to work on you. You need to set goals and achieve them. I understand you like this girl, but a girl is not going to want to be with someone that can't stand on their own. So you offered her a job. Maybe that way you will see her more. You still have a chance to ask her out. You didn't blow it at all. You do need to work on getting yourself on task though.

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    just because she is going to be your brothers baby sitter dosen't mean you can't date her, unless she will be sitting you to?

    just smile and say hi next time you see her.

    theres nothing wrong with getting okay marks atleast your not failing!

    keep your chin up, it's not as bad as you think xxx

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  • dont revolve your life around 1 girl and think you are a failure. the world is tooo big and you will have thousand of girls who wil *** and go, so just relax

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    Just ask her. You've got nothing else to lose. & if you dont, you'll just keep wondering what if you did.

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    if i were a boy id just ask her the next time i saw her and get it off my chest.

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    dude u dont suck ok... girls are dumb.. just get over it... you willfind a girl later on in life if its not her

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    don say that stuff =D ill be here for yu=D

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    Just ask!!!

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