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I don't Understand Donnie Darko.?

Why does Frank want Donnie dead so badly?

And at the end of the movie, why does the girl wave to Donnie's mom?

How do they know each other?

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    You need a full movie explantion tio understand those things.The explanation heavily revolves around the book Donnie gets from his teacher, “The Philosophy of Time Travel” written by Roberta Sparrow (Grandma Death).

    PU = Primary Universe (The Universe we exist in now)

    TU = Tangent Universe (The parallel Universe that most of the film is set in)

    POTT = The Philosophy of Time Travel

    Tangent Universe

    The POTT states that time is usually a stable construct but every now and then the fourth dimension gets corrupted. When this happens it creates a TU which is highly unstable and will only last a few weeks before it collapses and destroys itself and the PU. This is what happens in the movie, there is a corruption in time and a jet engine falls through it. This has created a TU and the next 28 days is set in this alternate reality.

    The Artifact

    According to the POTT when a TU is created an Artifact will also spontaneously appear. The Artifact is the first sign of evidence that a TU has been created and are always made from metal. In this case the Artifact is a giant jet engine. It’s the Artifact that makes the Universe so unstable. The TU is supposed to be an exact copy of the PU but it has one anomaly, and extra duplicate jet engine. The only way to close the TU safely is to guide the Artifact back into the PU through a time portal. By removing the extra jet engine it balances out the Universe allowing the TU to collapse without destroying the PU.

    The Living Receiver

    The Living Receiver is chosen seemingly at random and in this case the chosen one is Donnie. It’s the Living Receiver’s role to guide the Artifact back to the PU. This person is usually blessed with some supernatural powers during their time in the TU including increased strength, the ability to conjure fire and water and telekinesis.

    He uses strength to bury the axe into the school water pipe and solid bronze mascot.

    He uses fire to burn Jim Cunningham’s house down

    He floods the school and constructs a time portal from water.

    He uses telekinesis to rip the jet engine off the plane to send it through the time portal.

    Manipulated Dead

    Anyone connected to the Living Receiver who dies in the TU becomes Manipulated Dead. These people are very powerful and have the ability to move through time and talk to the Living Receiver through a Fourth Dimensional Construct. They also have some knowledge of the impending disaster and help guide the chosen one.

    Frank is killed in the TU and therefore becomes one of the Manipulated Dead. He travels back in time and helps Donnie with his quest to return the Artifact. The first thing he must do is save Donnie by waking him up before he gets squashed by the jet engine. He is like a reverse ghost who appears before he was killed. Gretchen is also Manipulated Dead but she doesn’t appear to Donnie in the same way as it might be to confusing for him.

    Manipulated Living

    All the people connected to the Living Receiver are the Manipulated Living and these people will subconsciously help guide the Living receiver. They will behave in the exact perfect way necessary to push Donnie toward his eventual destiny. Nearly every event in the film has a specific purpose designed to aid Donnie to save the Universe.

    The driving force behind there behaviour is God. It’s actually a very religious film, the idea that you follow God’s channel to decide your own fate. God is moving all the characters around like pieces on a chessboard, making a sequence of events that will lead to Donnie’s success. The Universe is in grave danger and God has stepped in to help save it.

    What all the Manipulated are trying to do is set an Ensurance Trap so Donnie has no choice but to send the Artifact back. Frank tells Donnie to flood the school which in turn leads to Donnie walking Gretchen home and him then asking her to be his girlfriend. This event is not just coincidence; it’s specifically put in place as part of the trap. Remember Donnie meets and falls in love with Gretchen within the TU. He is given someone to love then she dies the night they first have sex. He is so upset he shoots Frank. If he didn’t kill Frank then Frank can’t save him in the beginning. Now his girlfriend is dead and he is a killer on the run. Sending the engine back is the only way out for him as this will rewind time back to before all this happened.

    The End of the Film

    At the end of the film we see a vortex appear over Donnie’s house. It’s the beginning of the TU collapse and is centred over where the TU began. Donnie is aware of what he must do now so he drives up the mountain for a better vantage point. God has manoeuvred the plane with the same jet engine to fly overhead at this exact time. Donnie rips the engine off using telekinesis, constructs a time portal from water and guides the engine through it.

    We now see parts of the last 28 days rewinding as the TU starts to unravel. The TU has collapsed safely and the PU that was on pause starts back up from when it stopped. We are now back in reality on October 2nd, the last 28 days never happened. Donnie wakes up in his bed laughing after dreaming some of the events within the TU. The jet engine Donnie sent through the time portal then falls into his bedroom killing him.


    Even though the last 28 days never actually happened some of the Manipulated will be haunted in there dreams by there experiences within the TU. There are a few bits of evidence to prove this. Frank touching his eye in the final montage and Gretchen waving to Donnie’s mum proves that some of the characters have some knowledge of what happened within the lost world. Jim Cunningham is seen crying in the montage, obviously so disgusted with himself. Ten days later he clears out his child pornography dungeon and shoots himself.

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    I wasn't under the impression that Frank wanted Donnie to be dead. He did warn Darko about the plane accident. And he has been telling Darko about things he could do and get away with, like the water main at the school incident. He's also helped find out the truth about Patrick Swayze's character.

    In the end, Frank accidentally killed Gretchen and Darko exacted revenge by killing Frank.

    I think Frank just wanted to show what could happen if Donnie doesn't do something, so I guess Frank sorta wanted Darko to stay in his room the next flight around and die so everyone can live happily ever after.

    And the girl, Gretchen, was just being sympathetic 'cus the mother caught her staring at them.

    There are other instances that imply that they all have been impacted by final scene, like they have some kind of deja vu feeling from it. Frank touches his right eye without really thinking about it, and the Patrick Swayze character starts crying, possibly re-thinking his choices and the person he is.

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    Because Donnie killed Frank maybe? Or you mean before Frank died? I think the girl was just waving at Donnie's mom to be nice. She didn't know her at that time, but just felt bad about what happened to Donnie.

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    i dont think frank wants donnie dead cus he saved his life. donnie slept walk on the night the plane jet hit his house, if he hadnt of then he would of died which he did at the end when he went back in time so that he didnt sleep walk. get it? it's a very confusing movie i had to watch it a couple times to get it. also didnt u think grechin(jenna malone) looks like kristen stewart? when i first saw that i thought it was her.

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