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Is there a waiting period to re-enter Canada..? Can I check up on my extension application?

I came to Canada as a visitor, and the immigration officer told me he'd only let me stay for 5 weeks, despite the ticket I had already purchased for 6 months later. I applied for an extension, but it seems I'm not going to get the letter before I have to leave on Saturday.

1) Is there someone I can contact to ask if my application has been processed?

2) If I must go back to the U.S., will I have to wait to re-enter Canada, or can I just purchase a ticket and fly right back in on another visitor visa?

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    Yes I would definitely stay the 5 weeks and then leave and re-enter. There is absolutely no reason I can see why you can't stay your entire 6 months. Maybe they misinterpreted your explanation for why you were planning to stay so long.

    Also, during the 5 weeks you are in Canada, I would get as much evidence as you can about the reasons for your longer stay. Get contact names and phone numbers of people in Canada that can explain if called by customs that you are indeed planning to stay 6 months and why.

    They probably want to know if you have either the funds to make it 6 months in Canada or a job lined up.

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    That "six months in Canada " is NOT carved in stone, it is at the discretion of the CBSA agent who interviewed you at the the port of entry.

    You MUST leave, on your due date, as indicated by the CBSA agent. That isn't negotiable.

    An extension application is not automatic, it will be issued, or denied, by CBSA, as they see fit. The fact that you were "only " granted a 5 week stay, tells me that your application will probably not be granted.

    Don't assume anything, and don't buy a flight ticket, until your extension application has been decided, one way or another.

    Jim B. Toronto.

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    I really don't think there is any waiting period

    1) check with the Canadian ambassador, David Jacobson

    2) great idea

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