help with bhagavad gita please. which version should i read?

Hello. I am having difficulty trying to understand how the bhagavad gita works. I know that there is a lot contained in the vedas and that there is more than just whats written in the gita, but what should i start off with.

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    If you are really serious, start with the commentary of the B Geetha by Sri Ramakrishna Math publication, which is simple enough. Still you may find it complex if you already new to Eastern faiths. Try from an elementary book of the Faith. I would recommend RKM books for a starter.

    If you are interested in spirituality rather than a religous theory first, read the Autobiography of a Yogi, by Paramhamsa Yogananda, Self Realization Fellowship publication. It would explain the basics of spirituality - the way the author himself found it - in simple terminology and kindle your interest in the subject also.

    If you can reach Sri Sathya Sai Books Trust stalls in your city, get the beginners' books (Dhrama VAhini, Prema Vahini, Upanishad Vahini, etc are great for starters).

    The above sources are absolutely free from any hostile reference to other faiths / spiritual theories, or denominational bias and most suited for a neutral seeker.

    Source(s): Sri Ramakrishna Mission, The Self Realization Fellowship, Sri Sathya Sai Book Trust centres, Divine Life Soceity (Swami Sivananda) books etc would be available in the US also.
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    You could try reading the Upanishads first. As for the Gita, there are different translations, some of which include commentary on every verse. But ultimately I don't think the versions are that drastically different.

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    There is only one Version of Bhagawad gita. Read the translation in the language you understand the most.

    If you want to truly understand the Vedas though, you need to learn sanskrit. Sadly many translations are Vague.

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    I am reading a book "God Talks with Arjuna: The Bhagavad Gita" by Paramahamsa Yogananda. He wrote the book "autobiography of a yogi". Now let me tell you why i chose this book. 1.) Many versions are translated or interpreted by some other author from sanskrit to english. But this book is written directly by him who is a realized soul. 2.) The content in the book is solid and explained at physical plane, mental plane and spiritual plane. 3.) You will enjoy the English and the way its written. This is the perfect BG. Just read the introduction and the 1st verse of chapter 1 "despondence of arjuna". I read many spiritual books but this i love it.

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    You no getta the gita? Seriously, I would start with children's books if there are any, to become familiar with some of the stories and characters and continue reading up through grade levels until you are familiar enough with the subject to read the full text.

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    It seems by version you mean translation.Pick any which you can understand better.For better understanding ,you would have to read as many translations as possible as each translator has his own version,style and interpretation.Study of Vedas can wait.

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