which President is the worse in the history of the United States?

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    In HISTORY, here, folks, we're NOT talking just in YOUR LIFETIMES!

    As for HISTORY... SO FAR... it would be Warren G. Harding. To quote Wikipedia:

    Administrative scandals

    Upon winning the election, Harding appointed many of his old allies to prominent political positions. Known as the "Ohio Gang" (a term used by Charles Mee, Jr., in his book of the same name), some of the appointees used their new powers to rob the government. It is unclear how much, if anything, Harding himself knew about his friends' illicit activities.

    The most infamous scandal of the time was the Teapot Dome affair, which shook the nation for years after Harding's death. The scandal involved Secretary of the Interior Albert B. Fall, who was convicted of accepting bribes and illegal no-interest personal loans in exchange for the leasing of public oil fields to business associates. (Absent the bribes and personal loans, the leases themselves were quite legal.) In 1931, Fall became the first member of a Presidential Cabinet to be sent to prison.

    Thomas W. Miller, head of the Office of Alien Property, was convicted of accepting bribes. Jess Smith, personal aide to the Attorney General, destroyed papers and then committed suicide. Charles R. Forbes, Director of the Veterans Bureau, skimmed profits, earned large amounts of kickbacks, and directed underground alcohol and drug distribution. He was convicted of fraud and bribery and drew a two-year sentence. Charles Cramer, an aide to Charles Forbes, committed suicide.

    No evidence to date suggests that Harding personally profited from these crimes, but he was apparently unable to stop them. "I have no trouble with my enemies," Harding told journalist William Allen White late in his presidency, "but my damn friends, they're the ones that keep me walking the floor nights!"

    Republican from before she was born... and PROUD of it.

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    Among the worst are van Buren, Pierce, Buchanan, Grant, Harding, and Carter.

    Some people need to know that the history of the United States began before 2000, 1992, or 1976. There was a nation before you were born.

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    In truest words it grow to be William Henry Harrison. have been given elected on a pretend platfrom, gave the longest inauguration speech ever interior the freezing chilly, have been given the flu, and died 30 days later. What a waste. For finished term presidents, there's a team of presidents beforehand of Lincoln called the "Do-no longer something" presidents. those comprise Franklin Pierce, James Buchanan, and Milliard Fillmore. different presidents who did little to help have been John Tyler, Andrew Johnson, ineffective S. furnish, & Warren J. Harding. For my money however I have been given to %. Warren J. Harding. He had a great scandal (Teapot Dome), performed poker at cabinet conferences, worked in user-friendly terms 0.5 an afternoon, had quite a few affairs on an identical time as on the line, and instructed the click that he have been given his remote places and companion and little ones suggestions top out of the newspapers. Icky....

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    Scratch that Jimmy Carter was the Worst in history

    -Jimmy Carter invited Robert Mugabe to the White House in 1980 and fully supported this dictator's rise to power in Rhodesia. Moderate black Bishop Abel Muzorewa had been elected to the post of prime minister.

    - Iran hostage crisis occurred under Jimmy Carter's watch. From Nov. 4, 1979 until Jan. 20, 1981 some 66 Americans were taken hostage and held in the American Embassy in Teheran.

    -Jimmy Carter went to North Korea and brokered a deal with Kim Jung Il that was supposed to keep that rogue state from attaining nuclear weapons. Jimmy's "negotiation" called for the United States to provide the North Koreans with $4 billion worth of light water reactors and $100 million in oil in exchange for a promise not to develop weapons plus assurances that inspectors would be allowed in. On Aug. 28, 2003 North Korea announced that it possessed nuclear weapons.

    -For not supporting the Shah of Iran in 1979, While he was overthrown by radical Muslim cleric Ayatollah Khomeini. & his Islamic regime

    -Then he denied The Shah asylum and medical treatment

    -For the Failed Operation Eagle Claw to rescue the Hostages

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    Warren Gamaliel Harding, March 4, 1921 - August 2, 1923

    The clouds of political scandal encircled and endangered the Warren G. Harding administration in 1923. Had he not died in San Francisco, on August 2, 1923, our 29th president may have faced impeachment, as he headed into his re-election campaign.

    The president surrounded himself with many distinguished men, such as Secretary of State Charles Evans Hughes, Treasury Secretary Andrew Mellon, and Commerce Secretary Herbert Hoover, but he also brought to Washington a thoroughly unsavory lot of grafters: Interior Secretary Albert Fall sold for personal gain the nation's oil reserves at Wyoming's Teapot Dome. Thomas Miller, the alien property custodian, was convicted of accepting bribes. Jess Smith, bagman for the operation and personal aide to Attorney General Daugherty, destroyed his papers and committed suicide shortly after Harding demanded his resignation. Another suicide victim, Charles Cramer, was an aide to Charles Forbes, the corrupt director of the Veteran's bureau who skimmed the proceeds from the sale of war surplus goods, earned fat kickbacks for purchasing government supplies at exorbitant prices, and diverted alcohol and drugs from Veterans Hospitals to bootleggers and narcotics dealers. Convicted of fraud, conspiracy and bribery, Forbes drew a 2 year prison sentence. There is no evidence to indicate Harding personally profited from such crimes, but, at the time, he said: "It is not my political enemies who worry me, it is my friends who keep me up at night." At the time of his death, Harding realized that his days in the Oval Office were numbered.

    Much like Gerald Ford had to contend with, in the wake of the Watergate scandal and the Nixon resignation, it was up to Calvin Coolidge, the purtianical, no-nonsense New Englander to restore confidence in the White House.

    With the country prosperous, the nation at peace, and the integrity of the executive branch restored in the wake of the Harding scandals,

    Calvin Coolidge was able to distance himself from the corrupt hooligans of the preceding administration, and won a convincing a landslide election for a full term of his own in 1924.

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    Fraklin Pierce Was the Worst of them all

    He Extended the list of timid pre-Civil War compromisers, Pierce was a Jackson Democrat from New Hampshire whom Whig foes called "doughface"—a northerner with southern principles.

    He believed ardently in national expansion even at the cost of adding more slave states. To that end, he vigorously supported the Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854, which, along with the earlier Compromise of 1850, effectively repealed the Missouri Compromise of 1820.

    he proposed annexing Cuba, by arms if necessary, but his opponents, suspecting the addition of a new slave state, outed the plan and ultimately forced him to renounce it. He did manage to secure U.S. recognition of a dubious regime in Nicaragua, presided over by an American proslavery adventurer, William Walker, who had instigated an insurrection and installed himself as president

    Where do you think the The term "Bleeding Kansas" came to symbolize the failures of Pierce's administration.

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    Barack Obama.

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    Millard Filmore was known as the DO NOTHING President.

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    it's not George W. Bush that's for sure.

    there was a President who was fired so maybe that guy, but it's too early to tell with Barak Obama still in office.

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    FDR is pretty high up there on the bad scale. Horrible economic policies, got us into WWII, imprisoned japanese-americans, prolonged great depression.

    Wilson's pretty bad as well. He got us into WWI, started the federal reserve

    Lincoln killed 600,000 americans to end slavery, while most every other country did it without blood shed. He also greatly centralized the US government. If you think anyone who supports the south's right to secede is pro-slavery, read Lysander Spooner.

    Theodore Roosevelt started innumerable government programs, but was not as bad as a relative.

    All in all, most were pretty bad. The best was William Henry Harrison, as he did the least damage (less than a month in office!)

    Source(s): New Deal or Raw Deal by Burton Fulsom Lincoln Unmasked by Thomas Dilorenzo
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