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Has America caught yet another spy for Israel?


Why do Israel feel it necessary to steal secrets from America. I was always told that Israel were the mother of inventions so why do they have to spy on the only pals they have. This is not the first time its happened and probably won't be the last


Update 2:

Wayne read the last paragraph where it clearly says quote

"The investigation appears to have been sparked by his work with an Israeli company, and comments he made to a colleague"

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    Considering that ALL Jews believe that their first allegiance is to the 'Jewish Nation', it would be foolish to assume that any information that comes their way is not passed on to Mossad ........ whether for financial gain or for 'ideological' reasons.

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    This story is NOT about Isreal spying on America. This story is about a man who was willing to sell US secrets for MONEY ...to FBI agent posing as Israeli agents.

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    So is it that for all jews, the first loyalty is towards Israel.

    Food for thought for all governments.

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