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In canada can people receive their license early because of driving school?

im only 14 but im thinking about the future. ive been told by people that going to driving school can allow you to receive your license earlier. Back in the days it was allowed. I dont know if i should believe it.

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    You can get a learner's permit at age 14 in most parts of Canada. This means you cannot drive without a fully licensed driver in the car with you. Going through a driving course will not get you a regular licence any sooner (It may help reduce your auto insurance rates when you acquire a vehicle). You will not be eligible for a driver's licence until you turn 16. This license may be probationary or subject to certain restrictions until you turn 18 (or 21 in certain provinces).

    When you are in senior high school, you have an option to take any Driver's Education courses that are offered there. They are usually offered in cooperation with your local C A A motor club, at minimal cost, and you may get high school diploma credits (as an elective course). Also, you may wish to look at young drivers' courses offered by an organization/company called Young Drivers of Canada.

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    No. You can only get your license if you're 16 or older. The only thing that driving school gets you (other than learning to drive safer) is slightly cheaper insurance rates.

    In fact you can't even get a learner's permit until you turn 16.

    I'm 44 and in my days, in Ontario, it was called a 365 because you had 365 days on the learner's permit to pass the driver's test, otherwise you had to get another learner's permit. I've never heard of anyone in my time getting a permit earlier than 16.

    As to thinking about your future it's good that you are thinking ahead but make sure you save some time to enjoy your youth. You're only young once.

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    It depends on what province/territory you live in. Driver's licensing is a provincial/territorial matter, not a federal matter, therefore we need to know what province/territory you live in to say for sure.

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    The americans have that sort of thing. In canada, NO.

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