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can i spread herpes to my vagina during my period if i have a lip outbreak?

Im gonna tell you what im conconcerned about then I'll tell you a bit about myself .. well right now im scared i have herpes and my first 2 outbreaks were on my lower lip not huge at all i get about 5 to 8 small blisters one time i only got 3 it was very little n simple thank god i get an outbreak about every year well one time i got an outbreak inside my nose i was like ok wtf weird.. but it was so good because i felt better.. i was hoping that would always happen this time i got it on the side of my nose by the crease onto the side of my nose.. which isnt bad u can only see it from the side :/ ekkk whatever well :( MY CONCERN IS : i never had an outbreak during my period im scared since its a virus on my period it can spread to my vagina by any chancee.. can i genital herpes omg i hope not thats just dreadful.. :( well yeaa im scared about this and i need some help please help me :/

SOMETHING ABOUT ME : well i got herpes when i was 16 i am now about to be 20 its very simple i did have a hard time because im such a good girl..and telling some1 u have herpes or going outside during an outbreak can be very tough especially me as a female people tend to judge very fast.. im not a whore or any of that I wasnt even secually active when i got it but thats what people automaticlly think i was a virgin when i got this :/ i have only slept with 1 guy the love of my life been with him for 4 years n still going :) lost our virginitys to eachother i told him when i recieved my 2nd outbreak 2 years into relationship hard timee but i did what i had to and i told him if he didnt wanna be with me it was ok i understood thing was my 1st outbreak wass horrible i had fever i was so sickk with dam weird **** on my face it was from my lip to my chin horriblee i never felt so bad in my life before i felt weak the virus was attacking me it got in and oncee it was in forsure it fcked me all up :/ my doctor had told me i was ok but yet sshe gave me valtrex so i was like wtf u mean im okkkayy ar eu kiddin n your given me valtrax i see this on the tv for herpes im telling u i was devastated she said its probally just because your sick but i kneww i i was sure it was herpes because of the guy i kissed then i got it about an hour laterr and i never get anything on my face and like i said im not sexually active i know what i do well i let it go because te doctor told me if you get another outbreak than u let me know you are fine.. i was like yea right sure but i stuck with it because im thinking shes a doctor right she should know.. HOW IT HAPPENEND : i was on vacation at my cousins house in florida now i had gone out with my male cousins friend the whole time i was over there sweet guy etc.. after my vacation of going back home we made out he did tell me he was sick only sick the dude didnt even know himself he had it he had no outbreak nothing strange what so ever unless he had it inside his mouth ...that day on the planee i got tingles freaked me because i have such clear skinn..i took out a mirror and i saw the bumps appearing it was red and i wass flipping outttt i was like omg wtf is this feeling wtf is thatt etc... i was very upset can u imagine i was on a dam plane it was a horrible experience i looked in the mirror and said omg this guy gave me something omgg i looked n looked shocked and i said omggg is that herpesss i was like omggg i sat backk n tried to relax i had a long flight ahead of me n the guy next to me noticed i had it because i was talking to myself saying omgg inanger wtf is thatt it was a horrible experience omg.. i beat myself up about it brung down my self esteem alot my mood as well not because of how it happenend just how this would change my life work school etc.. i didnt want anyone to see me and i still dont.. i know whats what my boyfriend knows whats what but i still keep it away for my safety and his safety too I have to take care of myself during this outbreak cuz i can give it to myself in other places i dont touch it all all and if i was to sscratch it a bit i use a napkin rub it a lil thenthrow it out then wash my hands continue whatever im doing.. my boyfriend and i do have sex during my outbreaks nothing has happenend ... the first 2 times on lip we didnt kiss but the outbreak on my nose we kissed not 2 much tongue though i keep a limit just incasee .. we are good hes fine...

well im just scared now because i have an outbreak during my period can this affect me :( its haunting me

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    What is with the long, stupid story?

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    can i spread herpes to my vagina during my period if i have a lip outbreak?

    Im gonna tell you what im conconcerned about then I'll tell you a bit about myself .. well right now im scared i have herpes and my first 2 outbreaks were on my lower lip not huge at all i get about 5 to 8 small blisters one time i only got 3 it was very little n simple thank god i get an...

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    It's possible BUT your not likely to spread oral herpes any where else on your body. Herpes doesn't live for long periods of time when it's out side of the body or on objects. You would have to touch a sore then touch your genitals with in seconds. Oral herpes is not the the same strand of herpes as the std type but it does come from the herpes virus.

    Having oral herpes is nothing to be ashamed of. Most people get cold sores or fever blisters during child hood even before becoming sexually active, by innocently kissing some one that has cold sores. The same thing could have happened to you. You could have had cold sores long before you met this guy and some thing triggered an out break while you were away. Millions of people have the same thing that you do, 50-80 percent of the population has cold sores on the mouth. It's so common that most people don't worry too much about cold sores.

    Having an out break during your period is not a big deal, and you won't pass it to you're genitals during your period. Stress is usually what triggers out breaks and your period can cause you enough stress for a sore to break out.

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    The first question (not an answer) must be..

    IS this a Trick question.

    I mean U say your not a trick but your question is so mucked up and messed around with spelling that a fifth grader would fail in.

    Your sexual experiences are not just horny but vulgar.

    So, we need to establish your genuineness or do U have a problem ??

    BECAUSE your question has no question. U tell a story but dont ask what it is U want from answerers.

    Perhaps u can say more that might give us more information and be very detailed as it seems u dont mind talking about your Vagina etc. do U ??

    And, I am sure there are a lot of blokes who may be SO INCLINED to hear your story >>

    In so far as spreading Herpes...

    Your a walking sexual disease disaster.

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    You should ask a doctor these questions. I don't think the herpes you have on your mouth and face is the same as you get down there. If you have an out break donot kiss your b/f until you are clear. I have herpes the kind on the mouth. I cannot remember the last time I had an out break. And when I do it is very small just a tingleing feeling. I have been married for a long time and have never given this to my wife.Ot

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    Herpes isn't transferred by blood or by being sexually active. It's transferred by skin on skin. So you won't get herpes on your vagina by having a period, however, if you was to touch the infected area then touch your vagina it is possible to catch it down there. I've seen herpes on people backs, necks, elbows, and other places. When I first saw it I thought, how did he put his back in there? What was she doing with her elbow? I was oblivious to how the virus spread until my superior told me its by skin on skin and sometimes condoms won't top it from spreading if the skins managed to rub together.

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    ok, besides everyone's rude comment, I will give you a serious one! first of all, you will only spread it to ur V if you arnt careful with washing your hands, after touching your outbreak, and then touching down there. If you pass it to your boyfriends face, then he can DEF. give it to you down there. But as long as he doesn't have an outbreak, you would be fine.

    So just make sure you do not touch the outbreak, and make sure just in case you scrub your hands when going to change ur tampon or watever in the bathroom!!

    you will be okay!!

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