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dose canada have Halloween?

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    Yes, Canada has a hallowe'en. Itis similar to the Hallowe'en in the United States. We dress up and do other didferent types of traditions. We all have our own unique traditions too. My was always try buy these Hallowe'en cookies with either ghosts or pumpkins on them. They are soo good. Buti can't find any this year... :'(

    Source(s): I'm Canadian!!! :D
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    Of course Canada has Halloween, just because we're in a different country doesn't mean we live in igloos up north in a place that's always full of snow, and if you're wondering, polar bears don't walk around on the streets ALL over Canada either. We dress up for Halloween and go door to door for candy.

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    lol yes! we celebrate almost all the same traditions. but Americans can wear more costumes because us canadians have to dress for the weather!

    Source(s): trure born canadian !
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    yes in canada it is celebrated very much lol


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    And why must you ask?

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