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Please help me...perhaps it's an esteem issue?

I'm a mother of 3 and have my weight go up and down. I had lost over 60lbs and then got pregnant for a 2nd time not long after that. Now I am about 40lbs overweight.

I tried running in the mornings and I loved it. Only the Canadian winter is fast approaching and I won't be able to run. I cannot afford a treadmill and cannot get to a gym. What can I do?

I worry so much that my body is a dissapointment to my husband. He tells me how beautiful I am and what he loves about my body but I cannot help but feel he is trying to make me feel better. Do you think he's being honest?

anyway some help would be great. I have 3 small children and have a hard time fitting in a workout because I work everyday from 7:30-6pm. Thanks


Mar C, what excuses? I said I had been exercising but with winter coming I really cannot (snow, ice etc) and cannot afford a treadmill or gym. Not to mention trying to find time w/kids and work. So I'm asking for an alternative.

Update 2:

I know i can, I did it before but situations have changed and I am asking for help. Honestly saying I've got too many excuses just brings a person down further.

I'm also dealing with depression if it helps.

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    It's difficult to get cardio work in at home, but I would recommend some aerobic fitness DVDs, or browse Youtube for workouts -- there are so many great ones! I've found this site really helpful: . There are great at-home exercises that are high intensity and will get your heart rate up. The Wii-fit idea sounds great too. The most important thing is to make time for yourself. Get creative with how you can do this. I'm sure its incredibly difficult with 3 children -- I can only imagine -- but it's key!.

    Also, addressing your depression (if you aren't already) could be step one to improving your self-esteem and working toward your weight loss goals. Plus, you'll feel stronger from the inside :)

    As a fellow Canuck, I am sympathetic toward with your feelings of running outside during Canadian winters! Brrrrrrr!

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    As a husband and futher, I say listen to your Husband :)

    Anyhow, I actually have a lot of mothers in my Taekowndo class. They take it for self protection but they also take it for fitness. So I'm thinking maybe some martial arts or taobo videos? You can check with a local TKD school to see if they offer some cheap videos. We have some at our school that runs about 5.00 a piece.

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    If your husband gives you a complement about your body, take it as that and don't think otherwise. When you don't take it as a complement, you're causing your own problems and thus making yourself feel negative about yourself. Stop thinking negative about yourself because what you end up doing is being a negative example to your kids.

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    this is a serious answer, i know this chick who was real over weight and she got the gastric band or what ever it is and within months she was down to like 120, pretty crazy actually. and yes i think he is being honest.

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    Get a Wii, and buy Wii Fitness. And besides you kids will love it. Kill two birds with one motion sensored gaming system.

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    well...if you reread your question you will see that it is filled with excuses and therefore you have convinced yourself that you can not do it...what do you want from us...

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