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Where has my cancer donation money gone?

Where is all the money we donate for cancer research being spent? There hasn't even been any developments.

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    Well, I work for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society in the School and Youth Program. The LLS funded the research for a drug called Rituxin, which was used on me during chemo. This was before I worked for the LLS. This was even before I knew the LLS existed.

    I have Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma and have been in remission since last spring...6 mos. now. The LLS is currently is funding 2 research grants in Salt Lake City, as well as grants for research programs at Arizona State University and the University of Arizona. That's just our chapter. Many others outside of our chapter are putting the money in the right hands.

    Trust me, your money is going through the proper channels to provide research and patient services. It's not a direct cure, but it's getting better...we're not far. With that being said, I would not be alive today without the research provided by said grants. Nor would many other people.

    The most common type of childhood cancer is ALL (Acute Lymphatic Leukemia) and we've upped the survival rate for that form of cancer from 60% in the 1980's to 92% today.

    There is not an immediate return because it takes time to do the research. But I went into remission 4 months before projected because of Rituxin and I will fight everyday to make sure that one day we find a cure.

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    You are misinformed; there have been many developments in the treatment of cancer over the years and many very recently.

    There are more people surviving cancer than ever before; some are cured, some have their lives prolonged.

    Thanks to research that's already been done, seven out of ten children with cancer are cured. Testicular cancer, Hodgkin's disease, and many cases of leukaemia can all be cured in adults with chemotherapy, most skin cancers are cured with surgery, and many cases of thyroid cancer and cancer of the larynx are cured with radiotherapy.

    Many other types of cancer are also cured if they are found early enough. There is still a long way to go of course, especially with some of the commonest types of cancer such as lung, breast, bowel and prostate cancer - that's why research continues.

    The money donated through charities is a tiny drop in the ocean of what is needed.

    I have been in remission from stage 3 breast cancer for five years. Not so very long ago the chances of that would have been very small indeed.

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    i develop into clinically determined with testicular maximum cancers final twelve months, and that i'm purely 19. I had a month of feeling surely terrified, for my life and my balls, till finally i develop into given an ultrasound and advised it develop right into a varicocele. maximum cancers charities are worth motives and in assessment to in Australia, right here in the united kingdom men's well being does not receive adequate acceptance or investment - a girl clinically determined with breast maximum cancers has 4 situations greater money spent on her than a guy with testicular maximum cancers. sure, that's a worth reason, yet giving money to male maximum cancers charities can no longer help with something different than for many cancers analyze, and that i think of the topics contemporary in this question talk board are much less to do with maximum cancers rates and greater to do with discriminatory regulations and practices in society. helping a prostate maximum cancers charity does not make you a proponent of guys's rights and should no longer be used as a defence from criticism or an immunity for what you're saying if this is judged severe of guys and/or men's rights. Anastasia - the prostate isn't the penis, and breast maximum cancers is likewise a fantastically curable maximum cancers.

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    As a cancer survivor, I can tell you your money has gone to help us live longer lives, and personally I am very, very grateful to kind people who gave hard-earned cash so that I have a better chance of life.

    There has been some talk recently about certain charities taking bigger administrative overheads, so if I give I tend to do this locally, for a charity where I can see where my money goes. I have also stopped giving to Macmillan, since I discovered their website said they didn't provide Macmillan nurses for private patients. I am glad to see they are obviously re-thinking their strategy, as they have removed the offending paragraph from their website - and so am happy to help them, but for the moment it is "local is best".

    But thank you again, all those generous donors.

    Verite R

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    It goes towards giving people cancer, not treating it.

    Source(s): Thanks for the prostate cancer, jerk.
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