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Do you feel Charles will be a good King for the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth?

Do you see him being as well-liked and respected as Queen Elizabeth? Do you think he'll reign as long as his mother has?

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    Whether Charles, reigning as King Charles III (though he had indicated a few years back that he may reign as King George VII) would be as well liked as his mother is something I doubt.

    As for your second question, whether he would reign as long as his mother, I can answer with certainty that he would not. Even if he were declared king this second, he is approaching 61 years of age. His mother, the current queen, has been on the throne for the past 57 years. For Charles to reign as long as his mother, he would have to live to be 118 if he were proclaimed king today - not gonna happen.

    More likely is that he will reign for a fairly short period of time before he dies and William ascends the throne, become King William V.

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    1. The Queen is not Queen of all Commonwealth countries. She is Head of the Commonwealth, which is a symbolic position, not Queen. The Queen is however Monarch & Head of State of 16 countries in world (including the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc), which all coincidentally happen to be in the Commonwealth (however they need not remain in it to have QEII as Head of State; the Commonwealth is an international organization, not a political entity which effects the governments of member states).

    2. Prince Charles has shown he can be a responsible and good world leader. He has done many good things, and heads many charities. He will be quite respected if he becomes Monarch, perhaps not as much as Her Majesty the Queen though, and considering his age, I don't think he will be able to reign for long as his mother.

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    Well, Queen Elizabeth has had over 55 years to build the respect she currently holds. Clearly Charles is too old to reign for that long, so unless he does something huge that makes people think "Wow that Charles is amazing" he'll probably not have the same amount of respect as his mother.

    But, I think that when the time comes he'll be a great King.

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    Perhaps not as respected as the Queen, but he has opinions that he expresses quite freely, and that makes him quite interesting in a way, however half baked some of his opinions are. At least he expresses them, whereas you never know really what the Queen thinks about anything.

    I should think it very unlikely that he will reign as long as his mother. She was only 24 when she became Queen, wheras Charles is over 60.

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    He does tend to court controversy, but fortunately for him, of a non-political kind. Some will never forgive the whole Diana episode. but hopefully the announcement that Camilla will not take the title of Queen has somewhat defused that. I think he'll do the job well - he already does small parts of it.

    There is no way he will reign as long as his mother as he's 60 already, and if he managed 57 years on the throne and more as she has, he'd set a world record for the undisputedly oldest man who ever lived!

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    I think it's unlikely he'll be as respected as most people have grown up with Elizabeth as queen; she's the 2nd longest reigning monarch in the world. It's also pretty much impossible he'll reign as long - he's in his 60s already.

    However I think he may be reasonably well respected. Nevertheless I think it's quite likely on Elizabeth's death that many commonwealth nations (particularly Australia) will seek to no longer have the British monarch as head of state.

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    It's unlikely he'll be as popular as his mother, and he definitely won't reign as long. Many people don't like Charles because of Diana. They seem to think that he was the only cause of their divorce. Humph.

    If Charles ascended the throne right now, he would have to live to the grand old age of 118 to reign as long as his mother.

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    I see no valid reason why not. I doubt he will reign as long a HM. I expect, if he does not do it immediately after (or even before...), he will pass it on to prince William

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    We have Never Had a King in The United States and We wont ever have one

    If you are thinking that Americans have more freedom when they dont have a king than you are wrong

    I would bet anything that the UK has more freedom than the US

    But England was once a Catholic Based Country ?

    The bible states that two men cannot get married

    Why are gay people being allowed to get married in the UK ???????????????????????????????????

    Source(s): UK + US + CHINA + RUSSIA = Peace
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