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What is the significance of pennies and cigarettes in voodoo?

A doll fell from the ceiling holding pennies and some cigarettes In the basement behind the chimney we also found a small alter.. the previous owner was a haitian man.. he used to torment the woman on the 2nd floor.. is any of this signficant, is it safe to be here?

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    The pennies were to make the woman penniless. The cigarettes are a bit harder to explain. I'm wondering since the cigarette is said to bring on poor health (example cancer of the lungs, throat cancer, etc.) the cigarette was to cause the woman sickness. Basically, both represent black magic. The haitian man, really truly didn't like that woman and although he didn't want to see her dead...he didn't want her life to be happy, nor did he want her healthy.

    You should be safe. I would just throw it away. The black magic wasn't directed at you, so no worries.

    Blessings and tranquility.....

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    Ive seen some voodoo rituals to make someone "penniless" involving pennies. If he used to torment the woman on the second floor he might have been trying to make her go broke lol. Tobacco is used for healing and purification in regular pagan spells I'm not sure about voodoo though. Cigarettes are sometimes used as offerings to Marie Laveau?

    I would say that it is totally safe to be there :) I'm sure as any witch would he set charms and protection spells up all over his home. I'm sure you're safe. I wouldn't know what to do with the doll, or what to do with the alter.

    A witch's alter is a very important thing you should never disturb their sacred space.

    If you're superstitious yourself you could close his circle? Thank the Loa or Lwa for all they're help and let them know they are no longer needed and that they can leave.

    No idea what to do with the doll. White witches light a white candle and burn the spell (the doll in this case) while saying "this spell is undone so mote it be"

    If you're really worried about it you can maybe find a voodoo practitioner to do it all for you, they would probably know best.

    Do you live in Louisiana? lol if you do they're a dime a dozen there.

    Blessed be :D

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