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had an amnio today now im just not feeling the same, early labour?

I'm 36 weeks pregnant with my first today, and i had an amniocentesis preformed at nine thirty this morning, the doctor told me that there was a chance of this breaking my water and/or putting me in early labour. i felt fine after i left, just a bit of braxton hicks, then about four hours later i got a horrible cramp in my side, and my back started aching, i managed to fall asleep and when i woke up i am pretty nauseous and had some loose stool, and a head ach. my cramping continued after i woke up but seems to have passed for now.

does this sound like early labour or maybe just a bit of the flu mixed with braxton hicks?

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    that can happen after having that test done makes you feel uncomfortable.... if you get contraction pains that start getting closer together than yes can be labor but right now take it as normal

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    it could possibly be early labor, or braxton hicks. yet i have also heard that after amnios you can get these symptoms that are kinda like charlie horse in your belly. i would call your dr just to be safe. good luck and congrats.

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