Question about interaction between OS, apps and hardware.?

Almost everything you do on a computer involves some interaction between an application, the operating system and the computer hardware. Explain this interaction in simple terms using the following examples:

1. You are working with a word processing document, and you issue the command to print.

2. You are working with a spreadsheet and you issue the command to save.

Can someone give me a basic overview of the process the computer goes through in relation to the above scenarios?

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    When you issued the print command, the application sends the command to the OS, which grabs the drivers and IO for the printer to see if the printer is online, functioning, etc. I'm assuming this is like really simple simple, cause otherwise we be here all day.

    The app works with the OS which in return works the drivers, which control the hardware, makes the printer print when the signal is sent from the hardware device (LPT or USB, depending on the printer)

    Almost the same with the above except when you issue the save command the Application tell the OS, which saves the the data to the hardware, the hard drive. So the app sends a write command which the OS handles and writes it to the hard drive.

    Of course if your looking for a complicated description, we'd have to go through in all the layers, the CPU and memory and billions of processes done in just to save a file!

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