What to do with seitan?

What do you do with it? Do you get marinated/BBQ seitan?

(Vegan suggestions only, please)

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    I made seitan today for the first time and its wicked! reminds me of Quorn which I haven't eaten for years since all their products contain eggs.

    I made mine from scratch so when I cooked the raw gluten I boiled it in vegetable stock with onions, garlic, bay leaves, kombu etc which gave it a nice flavour.

    Then I cut it up into strips, tossed the strips with a mixture of flour, nutritional yeast and fajita spice and fried them in oil. Used them as fake beef strips in a burrito and it really hit the spot!

    There are some more ideas here, some of which are vegan http://vegetarian.about.com/od/maindishentreerecip...

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    What *can't* you do with seitan?! lol

    I usually saute it and put it in stir fries or burritos/tacos.


    I've also sliced it super thin and used vegan cheese to make Philly "cheesesteak" sandwiches...heavenly! I've also made gyros with it.

    I've minced it and put it in spaghetti. I've "pulled" it, added BBQ sauce and put it on a bun (sort of like pulled pork).

    Possibilities are endless, my friend!

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    Seitan is very similar to beef, you can cook it in the same way you would cook meat.

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    Make seitan pizza or seitan tacos/burritos with it.

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    1 decade ago

    Fry it, add it to a stew, add it to chili. slice it for sandwich meat, make a roast with it.

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