What are 5 misconceptions about astronomy/space?

This is for school so if somebody could help me that would be great. thanks

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    1. Space-time is static

    [It is expanding, and at an increasing rate]

    2. The Moon does not rotate

    [It does]

    3. Astronauts in orbit are weightless because there is no gravity in space

    [They are in free-fall]

    4. Time is a constant.

    [Time is relative!]

    5.When Columbus discovered the Americas, people thought the Earth was flat.

    [Probably true for the uneducated masses, but not the educated. The Ancient Greeks spoke of a spherical Earth and of its circumference, so it was long known. It was the circumference of the Earth that was debated]

    6. Space is at absolute zero (-273C) or there is no minimum temp.

    [Space is at about 3 Kelvin (3 degrees above absolute zero) because of the Cosmic Microwave Background, radiation produced just after the Big Bang.]

    7. The Sun is getting cooler as it runs out of fuel.

    [It's getting hotter and hotter as it uses up its Hydrogen]

    8. The Big Bang was an explosion of matter/chemical combustion / the Big Bang is an explosion into existing space.

    [The Big Bang is the expansion of space-time itself]

    9. Space is a vacuum.

    [No such thing as a true vacuum. There are virtual particles popping into and out of existence everywhere.]

  • cosmo
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    1) Distant parts of the Universe cannot move apart faster than the speed of light.

    2) Interstellar space and intergalactic space is a perfect vacuum.

    3) There are no sound waves in space.

    4) Incomprehension of the vast distance between stars.

    5) The Big Bang was an explosion of pre-existing material.

  • Tom S
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    1 decade ago

    1) The north star, or Polaris, is the brightest star.

    2) The Moon is only up at night.

    3) The Sun does not move.

    4) Seasons are a result of the distance to the Sun. (We are closest to the Sun in the summer.)

    5) The big dipper is a constellation.

    Of course non of the above are true.

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    this is about astronomy


    There is a book with that subject and a discussion:


    My own opinion is that

    1. Space is not empty- it is full of plasma energy

    2. Things do not blow up in firey explosions in space- no oxygen

    3. Black holes are wormholes to parallel universes- nope,crushed arrival, ouch

    4 The moon has no effect on earth- wrong- all life on earth reproduces within the rhythm of the tides... just go to the ocean on a full moon or the night before...wow

    5.I can't think of the fifth one, right now...

    Good luck

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  • Jack P
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    1 decade ago

    Many people believe astronomy is a modern 'science'. In fact it's been around probably longer than any other field of interest modern scientists still find interesting.

    Stonehenge, the Pyramids of ancient Egypt and of course, the Mayan calendar are examples of ancient astronomy doing a surprisingly adept job without the benefit of telescopes and other modern equipment.

  • GeoffG
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    The most widespread misconception here on Yahoo!Answers is that the phases of the Moon are caused by the shadow of the Earth falling on the Moon. The actual cause of the Moon's phases is the Sun's light falling on the spherical Moon from different angles...the Earth is not involved at all.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I can only think of a couple right off hand:

    1: that there is no gravity in space. In fact there is gravity everywhere; its just that in space there is nothing impeding it, i.e. no surface to prevent objects from falling.

    2: that black holes suck in everything that surrounds them. No, the event horizon is so small that most objects miss it completely and instead take hyperbolic paths to avoid them.

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  • David
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    1 decade ago

    1). There is no gravity in space

    2). The sun does not rotate

    3). Space is empty/a vacuum

    4). The speed of light is the speed limit in space

    5). The Earth is the only Planet with life on

  • Light years Measures Distance Not Time , Black Holes Are just thoery Ie Not a Proven fact ..So is the big bang .. the theory of relativity . etc..Astronomy is often confused with astrology space may be infact composed of dark matter not just empty space ,, again all theory .. .. .. btw your question is a little vaigue so i hope i helped a little bit good luck

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