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corporate involvment in the holocaust?

aside from general motors and ibm what corporations played a role in the holocaust

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    IG Farben, the big german manufacturer, actualy had a labour camp inside Auschwitz that used jewish labour in the production of buna to make rubber. The camp was known as Auschwitz III.

    Poland was filled with many sub-camps that operated around Auschwitz and the other concentration and death camps. Jewish labour was actually used by men as Oskar Schindler - who used jews in his pots and pan construction - which he sold to the Geman army.

    Other companies such as Messerschmidt inside Germany used jews and other peoples as workers on projects. The SS actually provided jewish workers to companies who paid the SS for the 'workers'. Other companies such as Krupp also used foreign workers.

    A very sad story of abuse and mistreatment to which many German companies who made profits from the war still have failed to atone for what they did during the war.

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    Many European companies ... some wanted slave labor . Insurance was also sold to holocaust victims and the survivors were never paid .

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    the roman catholic church

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