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I believe the major problem with stimulus funds creating jobs is that they are focused on government sector?

and not elsewhere. This is why there doesnt seem to be a lot of job creation, because their isnt

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    Look no further than Canada for that my friend

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    The primary purpose of the stimulus is to further deplete America's public funds and to shift the wealth of the nation to the international private sector, who are in turn transferring their new-found money overseas instead of creating jobs.

    You don't seem to get it. The boys who own the Fed are bailing out of the United States after a 100 years of plundering and two profitable major wars, and transferring their wealth to China and India, who are the next twin super powers, replacing us and the dying Russians.

    The only job we Americans have left to accomplish is to protect them from Islamic terrorism until the transfer is complete and to give them time to develop their own super-power military status.

    Remember this if you don't believe me. The boys who make the gold, make the rules, and the Federal Reserve literally makes the gold because they print and own our money.

    The dollars that you have in your pocket were bought by the American public with the interest that they paid when they borrowed it. The prime rate that the central bank charges to its affiliates is their initial fee for printing it. The impossibly low interest that they're charging now indicates that the money will soon be worthless and that the Fed is getting ready for when the world accepts another currency as their investment tool.

    We are witnessing the dismantling of America and not enough of us are aware of it. Try listening to Congressman Ron Paul a little more carefully and you might not remain so out of the loop. He isn't right about everything, but at least he has the basics down pat.

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    What jobs are created? NOTHING that is temporary jobs. OUr state refused stimulus money because it would hire people for one year and then the state would have to fire them or pay their wages. It isnt' job is a temp fix so PEOPLE THINK there are jobs created. That is part of why more jobs are being lost!

    It is a JOKE!

    You libs and dems are pricelessly niave and do not LISTEN TO FACTS and people that this is happening to. really are blind and deaf to what AMERICA is saying aren't you? Just like bozo on election night..watching a HBO special on himself instead of being concerned about what VOTERS WERE SAYING ON TV..and they were TALKING TO HIM ! He certainly did not listen and neither are you!

    You just believe what he tells you.....and nothing more.

    SAD...that the majority of AMERICA 40 percent are consevatives and 36 are moderates and only 20 percent are libs and dems....and you are not listening.

    Yes moderates are the independents and libertarians that were talking ON is a shame you didn't listen to them...they had some very serious issues they were talking about and what they want for AMERICA. But they don't matter huh?

    PINK slips are on the way ......

    and JOBS SAVED are those jobs that took pay cuts and less hours to KEEP THEIR JOBS. THEY WERE NOT CREATED! But ask those who took those pay cuts and lost hours how they are making ends meet.

    TALK about the WHOLE story ..not just that they were saved...but they ARE CUT and people have taken jobs at McDonalds etc to stay ALIVE! TELL THE WHOLE STORY..not just numbers ....OK? Lying by OMISSION is still LYING!

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    They would be more focused on the green jobs and sustainable production sectors if right-wingers would quit fighting it.

    This is like crying about not liking a certain type of cookie that someone has to offer and then when you don't take one, you cry that you have no cookies.

    And just t point out the reality of things... all jobs are temporary. They last only as long as the company needs them for the type of productiont hey are doing....something else right-wingers like to whine about.

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  • Nikki
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    No, the major problem is govt intervention. Gov takes a skim off the top for bureacracy...buys votes with who gets it. Better to cut taxes & let WE THE PEOPLE decide what to do with the money.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Actually there is, 650,000 jobs were saved, which is what was predicted by macroeconomics.

    From the perspective of getting the economy moving again, it matters little where the jobs are created, they have the same economic function.

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    We should ask ourselves, if they were willing to pay that much in tax money, would we be better of if that money were given in tax cuts to those who pay taxes? Would people be spending, and businesses be more confident to hire right now, if the people had money in their hands?

    I believe the answer is absolutely.

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